Promotion and other highlights

This year saw the promotion of several of our staff. Erte Xiao has been promoted to Professor. Choon Wang has been promoted to Associate Professor. Matt Leister and Chengsi Wang have been promoted to Senior Lecturer. Congratulations to all.

Field leaders

Gary Magee and Erte Xiao were recently named 'field leaders' by The Australian in Economic History and Game Theory & Decision Sciences respectively. Gary was also named “field leader” across the whole discipline of History.  

Monash Business School was also cited as the leading institution in development economics, sustainable development, economic policy and international business. Congratulations as well to all who contribute to those fields as well as to Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability and Centre for Global Business for institutional leadership in those areas. Michelle Greenwood from Department of Management and Chris Veld from Department of Banking and Finance were also recognised. A very good outcome for the Business School.

Other media

Host Michael Pascoe in the podcast recording studio with Paul Raschky
Host Michael Pascoe in the podcast recording studio with Paul Raschky.

Thought Capital

The Monash Business School podcast Thought Capital has featured a number of staff and their research in conversation with host Michael Pascoe.

The very first episode featured Lata Gangadharan’s research on opting out. Yves Zenou discussed crime and networks in episode six and Paul Raschky talked about his work on economic behaviour and very large data sets. You can find Thought Capital wherever you listen to podcasts or on the website if you want to catch up on any of the episodes.

Financial Express

Asad Islam’s research was featured in an article in the Financial Express “Helping poor children through free private tutoring”.

Household Behaviour, Prices, and Welfare book cover His research on “Tackling the issue of parental gender bias” was reported on in Impact.


Ranjan Raj has recently published his book “Household Behaviour, Prices, and Welfare A Collection of Essays Including Selected Empirical Studies” published by Springer. It is the first book in the new Springer series, Themes in Economics: Theory, Empirics and Policy.

There was an Impact piece written on the book.