Top ratings

Economics at Monash received the top rating of 5 for Economics as a whole and for all the specialisations ranked (Theory, Applied, and Econometrics).  It is great to see all our hard work and accomplishments publicly recognised in this way. This is not a rating of just the Economics Department, but of all economics at Monash, including of course our wonderful colleagues at Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, Centre for Health Economics, Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability, and elsewhere.

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Congratulations also to our friends at Melbourne and UNSW, who also got top-rated scores.


Dean’s Citation for Teaching Excellence

Jaai Parasnis

Monash Student Association Outstanding Teaching Award (BusEco)

Marco Lecci

Monash Post-graduate Association Lecturer of the Year (finalist)

Simon Angus

Dept. of Economics Teaching Award

Vai-Lam Mui, He-ling Shi

Dept. of Economics Teaching Award - Commendation

Lionel Frost

Dept. of Economics Teaching Prizes (by unit)

Wayne Geerling (2)

  • ECC1000 Prin. of micro (S2 Clayton)
  • ECC2300 Curr issues in macro pol (S2 Clayton)

He-Ling Shi (4)

  • ECX3550 Business in Asia (S2 Caulfield)
  • ECF2550 Business in Asia (S2 Caulfield)
  • ECC5953 Economics (S1 Clayton)
  • ECF5953 Economics (S1 Caulfield)

James Bugden

  • ECB3121 Econ of int trade & fin (S1 Peninsula)

Claudio Labanca

  • ECC3710 Labour economics (S1 Clayton)

Lionel Frost

  • ECB1101 Introductory micro (S1 Peninsula)

Choon Wang

  • ECC2400 Curr issues in appl micro (S1 Clayton)

Chongwoo Choe

  • ECC4650 Microeconomics (S1 Clayton)

Luc Borrowman

  • ECF5921 Int economics (S1 Caulfield)

Congratulations to all for your hard work and outstanding performance!