• Professor Gary Magee and Professor Yves Zenou were both Elected Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

    Established in 1971, the ASSA advances social policy and thinking by promoting research and its application.

    The social sciences cover the disciplines of anthropology, demography, geography, linguistics, sociology, management, accounting, economics and economic history, marketing, statistics, history, law, philosophy, political science, education, psychology and social medicine.

    This election recognises the contribution Professor Magee and Professor Zenou have made to the advancement of social science knowledge and the impact of their research.
    “I am honoured to be elected to be a Fellow of such a prestigious organisation,” says Gary Magee.

    “I look forward to contributing to the important work of the Academy in continuing to promote the advancement of the social sciences.”

    Professor Magee is one of Australia’s leading economic historians. His research has advanced historical knowledge of industrial development, technological change, authoritarianism, transnationalism and globalisation.

    Professor Zenou is a world expert on social interactions and network theory, urban economics, segregation and discrimination of ethnic minorities, criminality and education.

    “This means a lot to me as it is the recognition of my contribution to the advancement of social science knowledge and the impact I have made to economics. It is not only a great honour but also an opportunity to contribute to the important work of the Academy in promoting the advancement of the social sciences,” says Yves Zenou.
  • Mita Bhattacharya with co-authors received the award for her highly-cited paper titled 'The effect of renewable energy consumption on economic growth: Evidence from top 38 countries.' Applied Energy, 162, 733-741 (with Paramati S.R., Ozturk, I and Bhattacharya, S.). The award was presented during the International Conference on Applied Energy in Västerås, Sweden in August, 2019.
  • Wayne Geerling was awarded a Purple Letter for Teaching Excellence in ECC1000 in semester 1 2019. It is awarded for SETU Median Satisfaction score ≥4.70/5. Wayne’s SETU scores at Clayton were the highest of any first-year course in the Monash Business School and was the only large first year course to receive a purple letter.