Kushneel Prakash received the award for Best paper at the PhD colloquium.

Several staff members from the Department have received Dean’s awards this year in both teaching and research. Congratulations!

Asad Islam is the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in research for his research in Development Economics. His research-based policies for improving educational outcomes for rural children, particularly females, in Bangladesh and adopting improved methods of rice cultivation for low income farmers have been implemented by government and development agencies. These have not only had impact already on large numbers but are likely to improve the livelihoods of millions. His research gets cited and discussed in many development fora and he has been hugely successful in attracting large external research grants.

It has been a very successful year for teaching in the department. No less than three people have been recognised for their outstanding teaching skills.

Wayne Geerling receives a Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence. For his clear and engaging teaching methods of fundamental economics to large auditoriums. By using interactive resources, pop culture and multimedia he ensures classroom teaching is relevant, interesting and achieves better learning outcomes.

Wayne has also received a Teaching Excellence Award for the Faculty of Business and Economics from the Monash Student Association.

For the unit Principles of microeconomics Wayne was awarded a Purple Letter as the overall satisfaction score was 4.78 out of five. The course is one of the top 9.1 per cent  of all Monash units and one the students consider outstanding.

Vai-Lam Mui is awarded a Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. His complementary approaches and activities aim to engage students in intellectual dialogues to help them cultivate the skills of using economics to understand the world.

Marco Leccci receives a Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning as a Teaching Associate. For creating an effective and supportive learning environment that encourages critical thinking and fosters a deep understanding on how economic principles can be applied to real world problems.

Kushneel Prakash received the award for Best paper for his third paper entitled 'Petrol prices and Subjective wellbeing' at the Monash Business School Phd colloquium. 24 PhD students presented at the conference in November.