SoDaLabs reading group

At SoDa Labs, we are constantly in the pursuit of exciting new data and methods. If you too share this enthusiasm, our reading group provides the perfect platform to interact with us at SoDa Labs.

The idea behind the reading group is that a discussant chooses an interesting paper that applies new/alternative data and methods, and discusses its essence so everyone gets to share and be updated on the colossal amount of new knowledge that is being generated by scientists around the world.

We meet twice a month on Thursdays from 10.00-11.00 am, at H9.07 Caulfield. Everyone is welcome to attend, discuss, recommend research papers and be part of this stimulating conversation. Specific details, including the expanding list of potential papers to be discussed, can be found here.

For any queries, please contact David ( or Ashani (

If you want to know more about SoDa Labs, who we are and what our current projects look like, visit our website.