Grants and other highlights

Grant success

Asad Islam (lead PI) from DFID (UK) on "Training, financing, and matching between workers and firms: Evidence from Bangladesh".

Amount: $410k for 2018-21

Paul Raschky, Klaus Ackermann, Simon Angus have been awarded the AWS Cloud Credits for Research, (2018) ( Ackermann, K., Angus, S., Raschky, P.A.)

Awards and other highlights:

Philip Grossman has joined the editorial board of The Leadership Quarterly.

Ranjan Ray was invited to serve as a member of the Editorial Board in The Review of Income and Wealth, and The Economic Record for a further period from 2018.

Practitioners have highlighted the Financial Education via Television Comedy paper by Pushkar Maitra with Paul Lagbcygier  and Andrew Crawford as a way to provide highly effective financial education to an entire population at an extremely low cost relative to face-to-face teaching. The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (a partnership of organizations at the World Bank) cited the comedy project as one of the most exciting initiatives on women's financial inclusion.

Pushkar Maitra has been awarded the DFID Economic Development and Institutions Research Award: Training MLAs to Serve Better (Joint with Siwan Anderson, Patrick Francois and Tarun Jain).

We would also like to acknowledge some of the great achievements from last year.

Lata Gangadharan was named the inaugural holder of the Joe Isaac Chair in Business and Economics.

Simon Angus won another award for excellence in teaching. This one is a national award -- absolutely fantastic.  Read more here:

Erte Xiao was selected for a Dean's award for research excellence. See the video that was presented at the Business awards ceremony in May.

Russell Smyth was selected for a Dean's award for Excellence in Graduate Research Supervision. Russel explains about the importance of his work here:

Congratulations everyone!