In the media

Klaus Ackermann, Simon Angus and Paul Raschky’s work on internet observations during the Russian election was featured in Monash Impact.

The research by Luc Borrowman, Gennadi Kazakevitch and Alyssa Cameron
on housing stress and affordability was featured in a couple of videos by Monash Impact.

Lata Gangadharan’s research on behavioural economics and irrational biases appeared in Monash Impact.

Asad Islam’s work on new farming techniques and sustainability in Bangladesh was highlighted in Monash impact.

Ranjan Ray has had several articles on inequality and development featured in the media:


The Telegraph:

To be published in Ideas for India: Enhancing nutrition among the poor: UBI vs. welfare programmes forthcoming in

The work of Michelle Rendall on gender and the labour market has been featured in "VOX  CEPR's Policy Portal”:

Yves Zenou was interviewed by the BBC about his work on networks and human behaviour.

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