Upcoming events

Upcoming events

5 July, 12.00pm - 1.30 pm: “Meet the researcher” at the new library on Caulfield campus. Klaus Ackermann and Paul Raschky will speak about their work with NASA satellites and the IP Observatory. Light refreshments will be served. Register.

3 August, 10:30am to 12:00pm: 3rd Dept Meeting for 2018 followed by lunch, at Greenview Room, Monash Sport, 42 Scenic Boulevard, Clayton campus.

21 August, 9.00am - 6.00pm: Melbourne Trade workshop H8.13 at the Caulfield campus.
(Organised by Laura Puzzello). Register.

Past events

25 - 29 June: Yves Zenou organised a summer school and symposium on social and economic networks. Read more.

21 - 22 June: The Monash Early Career Conference took place at the Caulfield campus. The program featured 16 early career economists with an affiliation to our region (e.g. completed honours at an Australian university) and 16 discussants from Monash. This was an excellent opportunity for us to see some of their research and get to know them. Also, one of the primary aims of the conference was to promote Monash amongst a set of people who we may wish to attract to the university in the future.

19 - 20 April: The 2018 Monash Workshop on Industrial Organisation was organised by Zhijun Chen.

The workshop brought together the cut-edge research topics in IO by leading economists from Australia and abroad. The workshop included 14 presentations. Eight external speakers took part including several leading IO economists Patrick Rey, Simon Anderson, Julian Wright, and Claudio Mezzetti. Monash contributed four presentations, including Arthur Campbell, Matt Leister, Chongwoo Choe, and Chengsi Wang. University of Melbourne speakers David Byrne and Nisvan Erkal also participated.