Working papers

A broad range of different research is in progress in the department. Here are the working papers for 2018 so far.

These discussion papers have been uploaded here.

Department of Economics Discussion Papers

Gangadharan, L., Grossman, P.J., Komai, M & Vecci, J. (2018) Impact of Social Identity and Inequality on Antisocial Behaviour (Discussion Paper 01-18)

Chen, Z., Choe, C. & Matsushima, N (2018) Competitive Personalized Pricing (Discussion Paper 02-18)

Islam, A., Mahmud, M. & Raschky, P. A. (2018) Natural Disaster and Risk-Sharing Behavior: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh (Discussion Paper 03-18)

Erkal, N., Gangadharan, L. & Xiao, E. (2018) Competing by Default: A New Way to Break the Glass Ceiling (Discussion Paper 04-18)

Peng, D., Rao, Y., Sun, X. & Xiao, E. (2018) Optional Disclosure and Observational Learning (Discussion Paper 05-18)

Tan, F. & Xiao, E. (2018) Third-Party Punishment: Retribution or Deterrence? (Discussion Paper 06-18)

Bicchieria, C.,Dimanta, E. & Xiao, E. (2018) Deviant or Wrong? The Effects of Norm Information on the Efficacy of Punishment (Discussion Paper 07-18)

Chen, Z. & Shaffer, G. (2018) Market-Share Contracts, Exclusive Dealing, and the Integer Problem (Discussion Paper 08-18)

Other working papers

Ayushi Bajaj

Claudio Labanca

Paul Raschky

Yves Zenou

  • Liu, X., Patacchini, E., Zenou, Y. and L-F. Lee (2018), “Who is the key player? A network analysis of juvenile delinquency”
  • Olivetti, C., Patacchini, E. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Mothers, friends and gender identity”
  • Hahn, Y., Islam, A., Patacchini, E. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Do friendship networks improve female education?”.
  • Olcina, G., Panebianco, F. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Conformism, social norms and the dynamics of assimilation,” CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12166.
  • Bezin, E., Verdier, T. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Crime, broken families and punishment.”
  • Islam, A., Pakrashi, D., L.C. Wang and Y. Zenou (2018), “Determining the extent of statistical discrimination. Evidence from a field experiment in India”
  • Ushchev, P. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Technology adoption and social norms.”
  • Kyriakopoulou, E., Ushchev, P. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Location, social norms and recycling.”
  • Ushchev, P. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Social norms in networks.”
  • List, J., Momeni, F. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Spillover effects in education”.
  • Leister, M., Zenou, Y. and J. Zhou (2018), “Coordination on networks”, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12392.
  • Campbell, A., Leister, M. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Word of mouth communication and search”, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12326.
  • Kim, J.S., Patacchini, E., Picard, P.M. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Urban interactions,” CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12432.
  • Amarasinghe, A., Hodler, R., Raschky, P.A. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Spatial diffusion of economic shocks in networks,” CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12854.
  • Algan, Y., Dalvit, N., Do, Q.A. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Friendship networks and political opinions: A natural experiment among future French politicians”.
  • Zenou, Y. and J. Zhou (2018), “Network games and variational inequalities”.
  • Diaz, C., Patacchini, E., Verdier, T. and Y. Zenou (2018), “The role of leaders in juvenile crime”.

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