Dr Jaai Parasnis

MBUS awarded Senior Fellowship with Advance Higher Education

Department of Economics Senior Lecturer Dr Jaai Parasnis has been awarded a Senior Fellowship with Advance Higher Education, a professional recognition of contributions to university teaching and learning.

The Senior Fellowship is awarded by a UK based professional accreditation body involving a lengthy application process reflecting on the narrative as an educator, engagement with the profession and the impact as a leader on others. The application is supported by student and peer evaluations.

Currently, Monash has fewer than 20 Senior Fellows. Just two from the Business faculty become Senior fellows in this latest round.

“I am very pleased to receive this formal recognition of my impact upon the practice of colleagues across a range of teaching and learning,” says Dr Parasnis.

“It is another lens to reflect and develop. It’s been a great learning experience for me as a person and educator.”

Facilitated by Monash Education Academy, the fellowship applications involve several steps from Associate Fellow to Principal Fellow.

With each fellowship level the sphere of influence expands. Dr Parasnis was mentored by Michael Bryant from Monash Education Innovation. The Senior Fellowship, which is the second highest level, is focused on leadership.

“During this process I realised I have more of a story to tell. It feeds self-awareness and helps you to be more intentional in what you do,” she says.

“It also brings more perspectives on teaching and education and the more perspectives you have on your practice the more enriching your experience is.”

Currently, Monash has fewer than 20 Senior Fellows and just two from the Business faculty become Senior fellows in this round. In the future, Dr Parasnis hopes to inspire and facilitate others who want to walk the same path as she in earning this recognition. She can herself become a mentor for others.

“Being a part of this Fellowship gives me both access to a professional network across the world and continued professional development.

“It keeps my connection to the people within the faculty who have gone through the same process.

“I’ve also realised how important and rewarding it is to take time to reflect on what we are doing. I hope there will be others in the department interested in doing the same,” she says.