Is it time to back a female athlete to go 'sub-130'?

Simon Angus wrote about his predictions for marathon running in Monash Impact as Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in under two hours for the first time ever and Brigid Kosgei broke the women’s marathon world record.

‘Motherhood penalty’ starts even before kids, study finds

Al Jazeera featured Sascha Becker’s research on discrimination against women in the labour market and the penalty women pay for motherhood.

Debt making us work longer and spend less

Radio National interviewed Zac Gross on their weekly show “The Money” on the consequences of household debt.

India's largest commercial bank opens a branch in Melbourne

Vinod Mishra was very busy in the media, participating to SBS no less than seven times. India’s largest commercial bank State Bank of India, is opening a branch in Melbourne, Australia. Here is a news story by SBS Hindi on how this move will benefit Indian diaspora in Australia.

India tops the list of migrants worldwide: UN

SBS Hindi News story featuring his interview (in Hindi) about the causes and consequences of outward migration from India.

Is India heading towards recession?

On the economic slowdown in India.

Can Indian exit polls be trusted?

SBS News on the issue of various reasons why opinion polls and surveys fail to predict election outcomes.

'No surprises for migrants in the near future'

SBS Hindi regarding the outcome of Australian Federal Elections.

The challenge of India's growing inequality

Ranjan Ray and Gaurav Datt were featured in the East Asia Forum on the growing challenge of inequality in India.

As inequality rises, so does the relevance of A.B. Atkinson's work

The Wire featured Ranjan Ray’s article on the work of A.B. Atkinson.

Conference on Randomised Controlled Trials, 12-13 December at Monash Conference Centre

Co-hosted by the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability (CDES) and Centre for Global Business (CGB) for researchers who conduct randomised controlled trials in both developing and developed countries.

The keynote addresses will be delivered by Professor Dean Karlan (Northwestern University), Professor Catherine Wolfram (University of California, Berkeley) and Professor Christopher Woodruff (University of Oxford).

IMF World Economic Outlook, 19 November

On November 19 Dr Malhar Nabar, Deputy Division Chief of the World Economic Studies Division in the IMF's research department will discuss the IMF’s latest views on the global outlook, risks and policy priorities. He is invited by the CDES to present at Park Hyatt Melbourne at 6 pm.

Past events

2019 Monash Workshop on Digital Economy and Industrial Organization was organised by Chengsi Wang, Zhijun Chen, Arthur Campbell and Chongwoo Choe on October 16. Here are some of the photos from the day:

Monash Education Academy Inter-Faculty Transformation Grant

Jaai Parasnis is part of an inter-faculty team of eight researchers from four faculties. Awarded $68,607 over two years for project 'Tolerance of Uncertainty and Ambiguity (ToU/ToA): Identifying mechanisms for integrating this critical Future Education skill into higher education (HE)'. Feedback from the Panel: “This is an important concept and an under-researched area that has potential to benefit many students and faculties. Excellent approach and the application was well-written.”

  • This semester, Masters students for the Industry Economics unit had guest lecturers Richard York (ACCC) and Stephen King (Productivity Commission) for two weeks.
  • Mita Bhattacharya (the CE for this unit and the Masters' Coordinator) says: "This has been a positive experience for the students. In the absence of an internship in Economics within this program, students had direct learning experience on related issues on competition and regulation from these Senior Government Officials. Towards the end of their lectures, both Richard and Stephen have covered briefly the role of these premier organizations and their research within the Australian economy."
  • Matthew Olckers is Arthur Campbell’s and Yves Zenou’s postdoc on network economics. He started in September 2019. His research interests include social networks, development economics and household finance. He is particularly interested in the intersection of economics and computer science, such as using mechanism design in practical applications or using alternative data sources to answer questions about poverty and development. Matthew is originally from South Africa and completed his PhD at the Paris School of Economics.
  • During his long service leave, Gennadi Kazakevitch travelled to Belgium and France to take part in the International Russian Poetry competition “Emigrant Lira”. He was awarded the first prize, “Golden Manneken Pis” (the symbol of Brussels), in the translator category, for his translations from English and American Poetry into Russian.

Gennadi receiving the first prize in the translator category.

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