The Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to Associate Professor Vinod Mishra and Associate Professor Simon Angus as part of the Directors of Education team.

The Dean's Citation for outstanding contribution to Student Learning is attributed to Dr Claudio Labanca and Dr Kris Ivanovski.

Senior Lecturer Ratbek Dzhumashev has been awarded the Empirical Economics Lawrence R. Klein Award for outstanding papers in the field of Empirical Economics.

This biannual prize is awarded for the best paper published in the journal Empirical Economics. The Empirical Economics Springer prize was awarded for the first time by Springer in 2006,and was renamed in honour of the Nobel prize winner Lawrence R. Klein in 2013.

The 2019/2020 Lawrence R. Klein Award goes to:

Abebe Hailemariam (Monash Uni), Ratbek Dzhumashev (Monash Uni) and Muhammad Shahbaz for the joint paper "Carbon emissions, income inequality and economic development" published in Empirical Economics (2020) 59:1139–1159.

Professor Sascha Becker has been appointed Associate Editor at the Quarterly Journal of Economics (QJE), the only QJE Associate Editor south of the Equator.

Senior Lecturer Michelle Rendall became a fellow of CEPR in January.

Dr Claudio Labanca is co-organizing the inaugural workshop in Empirical Public Economics with Australian National University (ANU). This event, which will be hosted by the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute in Canberra on March 18 and 19, will bring together scholars and policy makers to discuss current issues and research in public economics.

This workshop is the first one of this type to be organized in Australia. It will set the seeds for a new community of researchers in public economics, and it will provide a great opportunity for our colleagues to showcase their research to policy makers, thus increasing its impact.

The keynote speaker is Professor Claus Thustrup Kreiner, of the Center for Economic Behaviour and Inequality, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. Professor Thustrup Kreiner is co-editor of the Journal of Public Economics and an expert on the use of large administrative datasets for research and policy insight.

Sascha Becker delivered the 2021 Noel Butlin Public Lecture at the Asia-Pacific Business and Economic History Conference at the University of Western Australia in February. The title of Sascha's lecture was 'Forced Displacement in History'. The conference and public lecture are annual events hosted by the Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand. Lionel Frost is current President of the Society.

Professor Sascha Becker gave the Noel Butlin Lecture at the Asia Pacific Economic and Business History Conference 2021, (virtually) in Perth, on 11 Feb 2021.

Senior Lecturer Michelle Rendall gave a talk at The Oxford University Business Economics Programme on technology innovation, inequalities and gender (

Professor Yves Zenou gave the keynote speech at the Economic Society of Uruguay (SEU) annual meeting on December 23, 2020.

He also gave a seminar talk at the Cambridge-INET Networks Webinar Series on November 27, 2020 and a seminar talk at the New Zealand Economics eSeminar Series on November 13, 2020.

Finally, Professor Zenou participated in the Monthly Applied Economics Webinar, HKUST, NUS, Taiwan National, and University of Tokyo on February 25 2021.

Professor Sascha Becker wrote a piece in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung entitled “How religion shaped Economic history” with colleagues Jared Rubin and and Ludger Wössmann.

He and Marco Lecci have also started a new Economics podcast called GrowthChat where they cover topics in Economic growth and Economic History.

They interview Economists and other social scientists about their recent research papers and publications. The aim of the podcast is to share the invaluable work that researchers do, making it accessible to the general public and students, independently of their background and preparation.

So far seven interviews have been recorded and are available on Spotify, YouTube and Itunes. New episodes will be released every ten days.

Thought Capital

A new season of the Monash Business School podcast Thought Capital, 'Connecting the dots of COVID-19', is out now.

Participants in this season include Monash Business School Head Professor Simon Wilkie, former Dean Professor Stephen King, Adjunct Professor Tony Venables, Associate Professor Giovanni Caggiano, Associate Professor Gaurav Datt and Associate professor He-Ling Shi and a number of other colleagues from across the Business School.

You can find Thought Capital on Spotify, Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

  • In a recent paper called 'Geographic diversity in economic publishing' by Associate Professor Simon Angus, Associate Professor Kadir Atalay from University of Sydney, Associate Professor Jonathan Newton from Kyoto University and Senior Lecturer David Ubilava from University of Sydney, it is shown that Monash University has the highest concentration of editorial power in the 'rest of the world' meaning outside North America and Europe.

    The authors say: "The most powerful institution in the world outside of North America and Europe, Monash University, is only as powerful as the 32nd most powerful institution in North America, but would rank 8th if it were located in Europe."
  • On that note, we are happy to announce that Professor Sascha Becker has been appointed Associate Editor at the Journal of the European Association, from 1 Jan 2021.

    He was also elected to the Executive Board of the Asian & Australasian Society of Labour Economics.

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