Simon Angus, Paul Raschky

Associate Professor Simon Angus, Professor Paul Raschky and Dr Klaus Ackermann (EBS) of the Monash IP Observatory, have contributed data and insights to more internet shutdown reporting around the world:

Gaurav Datt

Up to 94 per cent of households in India’s third-largest state, Bihar, have been adversely affected by the pandemic, according to 'Lives and Livelihoods in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic in rural Bihar' a joint study by Associate Professor Gaurav Datt (CDES, Monash University), Dr. Swati Dutta and Dr. Sunil K. Mishra (Institute for Human Development, India). This was widely covered in the media including Le MondeNew Indian ExpressThe Economic Timescountercurrents.orgNews18The HinduBusiness TodayGulf News and The Logical Indian .

Vinod Mishra

Associate Professor Vinod Mishra was quoted in the news story on SBS News on the "Rethinking Permanent Skilled Migration" report by Grattan Institute.

A SBS Hindi News story featured Dr Mishra’s views on the recommendations of Joint Parliamentary Committee's final report on skilled migration.

A panel of students on the Academic Affairs Committee have selected Associate Professor Wayne Geerling as the deserving recipient of the Faculty Teaching Award (Business & Economics Faculty). The award is for academic staff members who have provided outstanding teaching in each faculty, creating a better learning experience for students.

Over the course of 2021, Dr Geerling has been nominated by many students. Here are some of the reasons his nominations stood out to the panel:

  • Keeping students engaged by using clips, music videos and game shows during the teaching.
  • In particular, the use of the inquisitive and Kahoot programs in helping students grasp modern technology theory.
  • His continued enthusiasm in a time where students needed it as well as an ability to adapt to teaching in lockdown and empathising with his students’ situations.
  • Encouraging students to prioritise their mental health and reassuring them of available support.
  • Organising social events during lockdown in a time where students were vulnerable to isolation and loneliness.

It was no easy task for the panel to pick winners from hundreds of staff members who have worked tirelessly this year in extraordinary circumstances, yet the comments made by students about his teaching in 2021 stood out a perfect embodiment of what they set out to recognise.

Associate Professor Geerling also received a purple letter for ECC1000 in semester 1, 2021. These are awarded to the top performing units in the student evaluations of teaching (SETUs). Congratulations!

Sascha Becker

Professor Sascha Becker presented the paper "Scholars at Risk: Academic Networks and High-Skilled Emigration from Nazi Germany" at the University of Goettingen in the Netherlands on 21June and on 22June at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.

He also presented the paper "Shallow Christianity and the Rise of Hitler" at the Ifo Institute at the University of Munich, Germany on 5August. All presentations by Zoom.

Mita Bhattacharya

The paper 'Energy productivity across different regions: Drivers and convergence analysis', by Ms Sidker Arjita, Dr Mita Bhattacharya and Dr John Inekwe was presented at WEA International, a virtual presentation by Ms. Sidker Arjita.

Wayne Geerling

Associate Professor Geerling ran an online teaching webinar with G. Dirk Mateer from the University of Texas: "Engaging Your Economics Students in All Modalities" on 21 July.

He also gave a keynote address: "Teaching Economics in English to ESL Students in the 4.0 Era: The Use of Media in the Classroom" at the Language Teaching and Learning in the 4.0 Era: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies conference at Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, on 28 July.

Dr Geeling delivered an online seminar: "Breaking Down the Language Barrier: Using Pop Culture from Across the Globe to Teach Microeconomics", at the Developments in Economics Education Conference in Edinburgh on 2 September.

He will deliver an online seminar: "Diversifying the Use of Pop Culture in the Classroom: K-Pop Music" at the University of City London CTaLE Seminar, in London on 28 September.

Claudio Labanca

On August 26 and 27, a team of Dr Victoria Baranov (Melbourne University), Dr Claudio Labanca (Monash Economics) and Dr Denni Tomaasi (Monash EBS) organised and hosted the 23rd edition of the Labour Econometrics Workshop.

This workshop provides an opportunity for researchers in labour economics and applied econometrics to share and discuss their latest research. The workshop is the major conference for labour studies in Australia and it is hosted by a different Australian university each year. This year the virtual event was co-hosted by Monash Business School and the University of Melbourne. This was the first time the event had been hosted at Monash University since its inception 23 years ago. The conference featured keynote speeches by Professor Gordon Dahl from UC San Diego and Professor Kelsey Jack from UC Santa Barbara. More details on the event (including videos of the keynote talks) are available on the event website.

Guillaume Roger

Associate Professor Guillaume Roger was invited to testify at a Parliamentary Hearing on 6September held as part of the 'Inquiry into the current circumstances, and the future need and potential for dispatchable energy generation and storage capability in Australia'. He spoke about the economics of storage, and specifically about how little we know about it and how much work is required.

Xiaojian Zhao

Monash Laboratory for Experimental Economics (MonLEE) is organising the 2021 Monash Zoom Mini-Workshop of Motivated Beliefs on 30 October. Learn more and register now.

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  • In a recent paper called 'Geographic diversity in economic publishing' by Associate Professor Simon Angus, Associate Professor Kadir Atalay from University of Sydney, Associate Professor Jonathan Newton from Kyoto University and Senior Lecturer David Ubilava from University of Sydney, it is shown that Monash University has the highest concentration of editorial power in the 'rest of the world' meaning outside North America and Europe.

    The authors say: "The most powerful institution in the world outside of North America and Europe, Monash University, is only as powerful as the 32nd most powerful institution in North America, but would rank 8th if it were located in Europe."
  • On that note, we are happy to announce that Professor Sascha Becker has been appointed Associate Editor at the Journal of the European Association, from 1 Jan 2021.

    He was also elected to the Executive Board of the Asian & Australasian Society of Labour Economics.

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