The start of the year has been very productive for several researchers in the department.

We especially congratulate Nathaniel Lane on publishing his paper on development in Vietnam in Econometrica and Ayushi Bajaj for her second publication in Journal of Economic Theory.

Here is the list of new publications for 2018.

Ayushi Bajaj

  • “Undefeated Equilibria of the Shi-Trejos-Wright Model under Adverse Selection” (Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming).

Dyuti Banerjee

  • Banerjee, D.S. and Vaidya, S., (2018) “Anti-corruption reforms, tax evasion and the role of harassment”, Journal of Public Economic Theory, forthcoming.

Zhijun Chen

  • "Market-share contracts, exclusive dealing, and the integer problem" (2018), (with Greg Shaffer), forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.

Gaurav Datt

  • Datt, Gaurav (2018). “Multidimensional Poverty in the Philippines, 2004-13: How Much Do Choices for Weighting, Identification and Aggregation Matter?”. Empirical Economics (forthcoming).

Philip Grossman

  • “Paternalistic Giving: Restricting Recipient Choice,”with Lata Gangadharan, Kristy Jones and C. Matthew Leister. Forthcoming Journal of Behavior and economic Organization.

    “Gender bias in parental attitude: an experimental approach”  with Lutfunnahar Begum and Asadul Islam. Forthcoming in Demography.

Abebe Hailemariam

  • Abebe Hailemariam and Ratbek Dzhumashev, "Fiscal Equalization and Composition of Subnational Government Spending: Implications for Regional Convergence" Forthcoming in Regional Studies.

Asadul Islam

  • Lutfunnahar Begum, Asad Islam and Phil Grossman, "Gender Bias in Parental Attitude: An Experimental Approach", Demography, forthcoming.
  • Youjin Hahn, Asad Islam, Kanti Nuzhat, Hee-Seung Yang and Russell Smyth, "Education, Marriage and Fertility: Long-Term Evidence from a Female Stipend Program in Bangladesh",  Economic Development and Cultural Change, 66(2): 383-4152018.

Elias Lafi Khalil

  • Khalil, Elias L. and Alain Marciano “A Theory of Tasteful and Distasteful Transactions.”  Kyklos, February 2018, 71:1, pp. 110–131.

Nathaniel Lane

Andreas Leibbrandt

  • Andreas Leibbrandt and John Lynham “Does the Allocation of Property Rights Matter in the Commons?”Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2018, vol. 89, 201-217.
  • Andreas Leibbrandt, Pushkar Maitra and Ananta Neelim  “Large Stakes and Little Honesty? Experimental Evidence from a Developing Country” ,Economics Letters, forthcoming.
  • Andreas Leibbrandt and John Lynham  “Does The Paradox of Plenty Exist: Experimental Evidence on the Curse of Resource Abundance”, Experimental Economics, 2018, vol. 21(2), 337-354.

Matthew Leister

  • “Liquidity Risk in Sequential Trading Networks”, Shachar Kariv, Maciej Kotowski, and Matthew Leister in Games and Economic Behavior, 109, 565-581, 2018.
  • “Paternalistic Giving: Restricting Recipient Choice”, Lata Gangadharan, Philip Grossman, Kristy Jones, and Matthew Leister. Forthcoming, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Anke Leroux

Jakob Madsen

  • Madsen, J. B., (forthcoming, 2018) “Health-Led Growth in the OECD since 1800,” Macroeconomic Dynamics.
  • Madsen, J. B., M. R. Islam, and H. Doucouliagis, (2018) “Inequality, Financial Development and Economic Growth in the OECD,” 1870-2011, European Economic Review, 101, 605-624.
  • Madsen, J. B., and M. Farhadi, (2018) “International Knowledge Spillovers over 140 Years: The Role of Genetic Proximity.”Economica, 85(338), 329-359.
  • Madsen, J. B., A. Minniti, and F. Venturini, (2018) “Assessing Piketty’s Laws of Capitalism,” Oxford Economic Papers, 70(1), 1-21 (lead article).
  • Islam, R., J. B. Madsen and H. Doucouliagos, (2018), “Does Inequality Constrain the Power to Tax? Evidence from the OECD,” European Journal of Political Economy, 52, 1-17 (lead article).

Pushkar Maitra

  • “Large Stakes and Little Honesty? Experimental Evidence from a Developing Country” (Joint with Andreas Leibbrandt, Monash University and Ananta Neelim, RMIT University). Economics Letters. (Forthcoming).
  • “Financial Education via Television Comedy” (Joint with Paul Lagbcygier, Monash University and Andrew Crawford, Monash University and University of Hamburg). Applied Economic Letters. (Forthcoming).
  • “Religion, Minority Status and Trust: Evidence from a Field Experiment” (Joint with Ananta Neelim, RMIT University, Minhaj Mahmud, BIDS, Dhaka, Gautam Gupta, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and Santanu Mitra, Women’s Polytechnic, Kolkata). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. (Forthcoming).

Paul Raschky

Ranjan Ray

  • (with A. Nicholas and K. Sinha), “Differentiating between Dimensionality and Duration in Multidimensional Measures of Poverty: Methodology with Application to China”, forthcoming in Review of Income and Wealth.
  • (with S. Ahmed), “Do In Utero Shocks Have Adverse Effects on Child Health Outcomes and Can Welfare Schemes Ameliorate Such Effects? Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India”, forthcoming in Journal of Biosocial Science.
  • (with Ankita Mishra and Leonora Risse), “A Multidimensional Dynamic Measure of Child Disadvantage :A Methodological Tool for Policymakers”, forthcoming in Social Indicators Research.
  • (with A. Majumder and S. Santra), “Sensitivity of Global and Regional Poverty Rates to Alternative Purchasing Power Parities’ Indian Growth and Development Review, 2018, Issue1, pgs. 34-56.
  • (with M. Chakrabarty and A. Majumder), “A Framework for the Simultaneous Measurement of Spatial Variation and Temporal Movement in Prices in a Heterogeneous Country: the Dynamic Household Regional Product Dummy Model”, forthcoming in Review of Income and Wealth.
  • “The Link between Preferences, Prices, Inequality and Poverty: The Indian Evidence”, Ch. 7 in Markets, Governance and Institutions in the Process of Economic Development, edited by Ajit Mishra and Tridip Ray, OUP, Delhi, 2018.

Michelle Rendall

  • "Female market work, tax regimes, and the rise of the service sector" 1 Apr 2018 In : Review of Economic Dynamics. 28, p. 269-289 21 p.

Michael Ward

Yves Zenou

  • König, M., Liu, X. and Y. Zenou (2018), “R&D networks: Theory, empirics and policy implications,” Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.
  • Verdier, T. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Cultural leaders and the dynamics of assimilation,” Journal of Economic Theory 175, 374-414.
  • Chen, Y.-J., Zenou, Y. and Zhou, J. (2018), “Competitive pricing strategies in social networks,” RAND Journal of Economics, forthcoming.
  • Ushchev, P. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Price competition in product variety networks,” Games and Economic Behavior 110, 226-247.
  • Chen, Y.-J., Zenou, Y. and Zhou, J. (2018), “Multiple activities in networks,” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, forthcoming.
  • Cohen-Cole, E., Liu, X. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Multivariate choice and identification of social interactions,” Journal of Applied Econometrics 33, 165-178.
  • Jackson, M.O., Rogers, B. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Networks: An economic perspective,” In: R. Light and J. Moody (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Social Network Analysis, Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
  • Giulietti, C., Wahba, J. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Strong versus weak ties in migration”, European Economic Review 104, 111-137.
  • Picard, P.M. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Urban spatial structure, employment and social ties,” Journal of Urban Economics 104, 77-93.

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A broad range of different research is in progress in the department. Here are the working papers for 2018 so far.

These discussion papers have been uploaded here.

  • Gangadharan, L., Grossman, P.J., Komai, M & Vecci, J. (2018) Impact of Social Identity and Inequality on Antisocial Behaviour (Discussion Paper 01-18)
  • Chen, Z., Choe, C. & Matsushima, N (2018) Competitive Personalized Pricing (Discussion Paper 02-18)
  • Islam, A., Mahmud, M. & Raschky, P. A. (2018) Natural Disaster and Risk-Sharing Behavior: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh (Discussion Paper 03-18)
  • Erkal, N., Gangadharan, L. & Xiao, E. (2018) Competing by Default: A New Way to Break the Glass Ceiling (Discussion Paper 04-18)
  • Peng, D., Rao, Y., Sun, X. & Xiao, E. (2018) Optional Disclosure and Observational Learning (Discussion Paper 05-18)
  • Tan, F. & Xiao, E. (2018) Third-Party Punishment: Retribution or Deterrence? (Discussion Paper 06-18)
  • Bicchieria, C.,Dimanta, E. & Xiao, E. (2018) Deviant or Wrong? The Effects of Norm Information on the Efficacy of Punishment (Discussion Paper 07-18)
  • Chen, Z. & Shaffer, G. (2018) Market-Share Contracts, Exclusive Dealing, and the Integer Problem (Discussion Paper 08-18)

Other working papers

Ayushi Bajaj

Claudio Labanca

Paul Raschky

Yves Zenou

  • Liu, X., Patacchini, E., Zenou, Y. and L-F. Lee (2018), “Who is the key player? A network analysis of juvenile delinquency”
  • Olivetti, C., Patacchini, E. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Mothers, friends and gender identity”
  • Hahn, Y., Islam, A., Patacchini, E. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Do friendship networks improve female education?”.
  • Olcina, G., Panebianco, F. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Conformism, social norms and the dynamics of assimilation,” CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12166.
  • Bezin, E., Verdier, T. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Crime, broken families and punishment.”
  • Islam, A., Pakrashi, D., L.C. Wang and Y. Zenou (2018), “Determining the extent of statistical discrimination. Evidence from a field experiment in India”
  • Ushchev, P. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Technology adoption and social norms.”
  • Kyriakopoulou, E., Ushchev, P. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Location, social norms and recycling.”
  • Ushchev, P. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Social norms in networks.”
  • List, J., Momeni, F. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Spillover effects in education”.
  • Leister, M., Zenou, Y. and J. Zhou (2018), “Coordination on networks”, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12392.
  • Campbell, A., Leister, M. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Word of mouth communication and search”, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12326.
  • Kim, J.S., Patacchini, E., Picard, P.M. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Urban interactions,” CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12432.
  • Amarasinghe, A., Hodler, R., Raschky, P.A. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Spatial diffusion of economic shocks in networks,” CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12854.
  • Algan, Y., Dalvit, N., Do, Q.A. and Y. Zenou (2018), “Friendship networks and political opinions: A natural experiment among future French politicians”.
  • Zenou, Y. and J. Zhou (2018), “Network games and variational inequalities”.
  • Diaz, C., Patacchini, E., Verdier, T. and Y. Zenou (2018), “The role of leaders in juvenile crime”.

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