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Chongwoo Choe

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Gaurav Datt

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Lata Gangadharan

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Elias Khalil

  • Khalil, EL “Does Identity Fusion Give Rise to the Group--or the Reverse? Politics- vs. Community-Based Groups.”  Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2018, forthcoming. (A commentary on Harvey Whitehouse’s "Dying for The Group: Towards a General Theory of Extreme Self-Sacrifice,” Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2018, forthcoming.).

Laura Puzzello

Ranjan Ray

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Christis Tombazos

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Yves Zenou

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Xiaojian Zhao

(Joining the department in January 2019)

  • Hong, F., Huang, W., Zhao, X. (2018), “Sunk cost as a Self-Management device”, Management Science

Working papers

Elias Khalil

  • Khalil, EL "Naturalizing the Sacred"
  • Khalil, EL and Alain Marciano. "The Integrity Game: Distinguishing Juridical from Nonjuridical Rules."
  • Khalil, EL “The Isomorphism Hypothesis: The Prisoners’ Dilemma as Intertemporal Allocation, and vice versa.”

Yves Zenou

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