How to Update Your Profile

The “Pure”profile is the Monash research portal. This is where external people end up if they search for you through the Monash website. No one but you has access to your profile.  It is important for these to be filled with relevant content and kept up to date. This is how you do it, in case you’ve forgotten or never been shown how to.

  1. Log in to My Monash as usual.
  2. Click on the Research tab.
  3. Click on MyResearch under “Access research tools”.
  4. Under “Support material” lower down on the page you will find the manual on how to edit your researcher profile in Pure. Read through the manual. Here is the direct link:
  5. Under a new tab follow the same procedure as above until you get to the MyReserach page where you log into “Pure”. You are now ready to follow the instructions to fill out your profile with the relevant information, upload your personal cv and your head shot. (Department manager Sue Ball has all the head shots on file, just ask her if you have not received yours.)

Thought Capital

Thought Capital, the Monash Business School podcast has launched. It features researchers from across the Business school in conversation about their work with renowned business journalist Michael Pascoe. You can listen to Thought Capital on iTunes and Stitcher.

Go in and subscribe now for more interesting episodes.

The first episode features Lata Gangadharan’s research on female leadership and Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner’s experience in academia as a top female leader, a piece on the topic was featured in the Higher Ed section of The Australian.

Other media appearances

  • Ross Booth was interviewed by Michael Genovese from 6PR Perth on fixturing/scheduling options for the AFL on the 14th of August.
  • Lata Gangadharan’s work on irrational biases was featured in Impact:
  • Ranjan Ray was featured in Telegraph India and The Wire.

If you have new research that you would like the Monash business School to write about and disseminate to a wider media audience please contact Impact editor Julie McBeth at