Visiting scholars

  • Dr. Khalid Ahmed from IBA University, Sukkur, Pakistan visited between 10-23 July. His visit was sponsored by the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan. Host staff member was Mita Bhattacharya. Mita and Khalid have initiated a project on “Disaggregated transport sector and industrial production in Pakistan: Problems and prospects.”
  • Nicolas Carayol and Pascale Roux from the University of Bordeaux, France, have spent two months at Monash as visiting scholars. They were invited by Yves Zenou.

The department hosted a visit from Professor Catherine Eckel of Texas A&M University. She gave two presentations to the department:

  • A Brown Bag Lunch Seminar entitled “Asymmetric Information Undermines Coasian bargaining in Common (Oil) Pool Resources”.
  • A Department Seminar entitled: “Gender Differences: What have we learned from 25 years of experimental research”.

Visiting scholar Bruce Weinberg came to Monash for a week in July.

  • Why did you come to Monash this time and how long did you stay?
    I was at Monash for a week during a swing through Australia.
  • Who invited you?
    Christis Tombazos hosted me. Christis graduated from Ohio State, where I teach, around the time that I arrived at Ohio State.
  • What did you do?
    I spent a long week split between the Clayton and Caulfield campuses, seeing old friends and meeting exciting new people in Economics. I also presented a paper studying when in their careers researchers do their most important work.
  • What did you think of your stay?
    I had a wonderful stay, just like the last time I visited, and I look forward to coming back in the future!