Development, Growth and History research group

Members of the Development, Growth and History (DGH) research group are engaged in a broad range of research activities. Researchers in the group use a range of tools to conduct their research. These include field based research (primary surveys and field experiments) and secondary data (survey data, administrative data and geo-spatial data, historical data). Their research investigates the historic roots of modern day economic differences and the role of policies, politics, and market and behavioral constraints in the process of economic development, past and present. Their research covers countries across all parts of the world.

There is substantial common ground in research interests between the DGH group and other research groups in the department. The DGH group actively contributes to and participates in several seminar series in the department.

Group members co-organise the All-Melbourne Economic History (AMEH) reading group, together with colleagues from Melbourne University.

Faculty members are also active in co-organising international conferences and workshops, and hold important roles on editorial boards.

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