PhD graduates

A partial list of recent Monash Economics PhD graduates appears below.

Although most of our doctoral candidates assume positions within academia, a number of graduates have also gone onto careers in government (Australian Treasury, Asian Development Bank, Essential Services Commission, International Labor Organization) and private industry (SGS Economics, Commonwealth Bank, Shell, Nous Group, Queensland Investment Corporation).

StudentConferralThesis TitleSupervisors
Klaus Ackermann2017Economics of technologyS Angus, P Raschky & B Rai
Vilas Gobin2017Three essays on the evaluation of a poverty graduation program.P Santos, R Smyth & A Leibbrandt
Chau Nguyen2017Three essays on microfinanceA Islam, R Smyth, K Abbink & C Wang
Tutsirai Sakutukwa2016Essays on the nexus between capital market and macroeconomic activityR Dzhumashev, HS Yang & SL Yew
Joseph Vecci2016Three essays on social normsL Gangadharan & P Maitra
Kevin Wu2016Three experiments on corruptionK Abbink & L Gangadharan
Sefa Awaworyi-Churchill2016Essays on microfinanceV Mishra & R Smyth

Stojanka Andric

2015Patterns of immigration and long-run economic growthJ Madsen & R Dzhumashev
Luc Borrowman2015Essays on housing affordability: the who, what, where and for how longL Frost & G Kazakevitch
Ahmed Skali2015Essays in political economyJ Madsen & P Raschky
Chandarany Ouch2015Three essays on economic effects of civil war in CambodiaR Smyth, A Islam & C Wang
Kristy Jones2015An experimental analysis of charitable givingL Gangadharan & P Grossman
Anjan Saha2015Three essays on income inequalityJ Madsen & Y Jin
Iqtiar Mamun2015Essays on capital accumulation, growth and income inequalityJ Madsen & S Mangin
Julio Mancuso-Tradenta2015The impact of time and money on the volume and patterns of international tradeC Tombazos, P Labrecciosa & L Puzzello
Luke Okafor2015Essays on international firm activities, productivity, and financial constraintsM Bhattacharya & L Puzzello
MrsNathalie-ChantalMccaughey2014Not just a pie in the sky' an investigation into the cash-equivalent value of loyalty currency and the impact of a frequent flyer. R Smyth & P Forsyth
MrThang longTran2014Essays on investment and house prices.J Madsen & R Dzhumashev
MrAnanta akariaNeelim2014Essays on behavioural development economics.P Maitra & A Leibbrandt
MsKeeli AnneHennessy2014An exploration of health, human capital and growth.J Madsen & P Porqueras
MsLiHuang2014Essays on economic crisis, labour supply choice and conspicuous leisure.H-L Shi & P Ji
MsLutfunnaharBegum2014Parental attitude and gender bias in the schooling and health outcomes of children: experimental and survey evidence from Bangladesh.R Smyth & P Grossman
MrChiu kiSo2014Non-cooperative formation of agent-event networks.V-L Mui & B Rai
MrCongWang2014The macroeconomics of institutions, fertility and social capital.J Madsen & J Ang
MrSanjeshKumar2014Essays on growth and development.R Dzhumashev & J Ang
MrChia-fengYu2013Roles of CEOs and information in financial reports, contracts, organizations, and markets.C Choe, V-L Mui & B Rai
MsSalmaAhmed2013Essays in economic development: education, child labour, and wage inequality.R Ray, P Maitra & C Wang
MrTuck CheongTang2012Common factors and cointegration of Japan's aggregate import demand function: an empirical study.D Fausten, R Smyth & E Dogan
MrHai OuZhou2012Evolutionary theory of division of labour: towards a more complete general equilibrium analytical framework of division of labour.H-L Shi & S Angus
MsHuiYao2012The interaction between asset prices, credit and the macroeconomy.J Madsen & R Dzhumashev
Mr Yang Chun Chow2012Information asymmetry and signalling in an efficient market for fund managers and investors.H-L Shi