Grants and awards

Our department is committed to high-quality research that has a positive impact on industry and academia. We continuously aim to improve our success rates in competitive research grans, as well as from industry sources.

In 2014, Monash Economics held nearly 50 grants, totalling almost AUD $10 Million. A partial listing of the projects awarded include:

ACIARImproving food security in the northern uplands of Lao PDR: identifying drivers and overcoming barriersACIAR (Aus Centre for International Agricultural Research)2014-2019$1,519,611
ARC Futures FellowshipMonetary and Fiscal Policy under Imperfect KnowledgeARC Futures Fellowship2013-2017$871,644
ARC-DiscoveryThe great divergence, long-run growth and unified theories of economic growthARC Discovery Project2011-2015$972,868
ARC-DiscoveryThe effect of bargaining power on bargaining outcomes: the roles of institutions, earned bargaining position and social normsARC Discovery Project2013-2015$205,631
ARC-DiscoveryAre claims of transparency to be believed?ARC Discovery Project2013-2015$205,000
ARC-DiscoveryPosted prices, bargaining and auctions: an experimental examinationARC Discovery Project2014-2016$230,000
ARC-DiscoveryThe Economics of EnvyARC Discovery Project2014-2016$253,000
ARC-DiscoveryThe Behavioural Economics of CorruptionARC Discovery Project2014-2016$245,000
AusAIDImproving educational outcomes for female and disadvantaged primary school students (Bangladesh)AusAID2013-2016$769,450
CRCA1.1 Cities as Water Supply Catchments - Economic ValuationCRC2013-2015$207,111
CRCA1.3 Economics Incentives and InstrumentsCRC2013-2016$272,600
CRCA1.2 Valuation of economic, social and ecological costs and benefitsCRC2013-2016$143,326
CRCA2.2 Accelerating transitions to Water Sensitive Cities by influencing behaviourCRC2013-2016$458,793
CRCUnderstanding social processes to achieve water sensitive futuresCRC2013-2016$418,552
CRCBetter Regulatory Frameworks for Water Sensitive CitiesCRC2013-2016$78,092
CSIROService Innovation: Developing Business Models for Future Value ChainsCSIRO Flagship Collaboration Research Fund2014-2016$51,000
International Res GrantTechnology Adoption and Food Security in Rural BangladeshInternational Growth Centre (LSE)2014-2015$109,446
International Res GrantHow to Make a Miracle: An Investigation into the Mechanisms by which Agent-Intermediated Micro-lending Increases Rural IncomesResearch Grants Council of Hong Kong2015-2016$67,164
International Res GrantDifferential Incentives, Group Size, and Cooperation in the Inter-group Prisoner's DilemmaResearch Grants Council of Hong Kong2013-2016$86,578
International Res GrantStandard Method of Measuring Subjective Well-being: towards a Modern System of Governmental StatisticsResearch Grants Council of Hong Kong2015-2017$62,000