Excellent experiences as rated by our students

We take great pride in our teaching. We are all about sharing our passion for economics and studying economics can give you a life-long toolset to handle complexity and pursue sustainable prosperity, across business, government and society.

"I really value what I have learnt so far in the course and feel as if I am actually able to make educated decisions when it comes to voting/making my own judgements about Australia's economy. The knowledge I have acquired over the past few months is truly valuable in that it will continue to be applicable for many years to come."

–Economics undergraduate student

"I just went through the material for this week and it has certainly struck a chord with me. I am in my 5th year of Commerce/Law and certainly never been prompted to think about issues like these in such depth throughout my degree. I think this is exactly why I chose to do this unit, I was conscious of gaining some perspective and developing some knowledge about these key issues before diving headfirst into a corporate career. Despite having corporate aspirations, I certainly do intend to live a globally responsible life, to use my career pathway to help others and to involve myself in projects and organizations that have a positive impact in the world."

–Economics undergraduate student

Our students consistently rate our units highly in their commerce, business or multidisciplinary studies. For the last three years, we’ve been at the top for student satisfaction across the Business School, with a 4.4 average rating.