Seminar: Corporate Governance in Soccer Leagues and Organisations

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5 March 2018 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Caulfield Campus, Building S, Level 3, Room S3.17
Business Law and Taxation


Corporate Law, Organisation and Litigation (CLOL) Research Group is holding a free seminar at 1pm Monday 5 March 2018 at Monash University, Caulfield campus.

"National and international sports governing boards confront scandals and infighting among competing stakeholders. A fundamental change in social norms is required to end corruption and secure good governance. One of the challenges anti-corruption and good governance advocates face is the lack of clearly identifiable victims. However, for there to be clearly identifiable victims, they must be the beneficiaries of a clearly identifiable mission, to focus principally on developing access to the sport for those who cannot do so on their own. The redefinition imposes on the federation, as well as each of its constituent national governing boards as well as subnational associations, two obligations of trust. First, in the manner of a “private trust,” governing boards must prudently manage or regulate commercially-successful sports competitions to generate revenues for grass-roots development to benefit the less-privileged. Second, in the manner of a charitable trust, boards must then ensure that these surplus revenues are well-spent to develop the game for those who cannot do so on their own."

Guest Speaker -  Professor Stephen F Ross

Professor Stephen F Ross is a Professor of Law at Pennsylvania State University and Executive Director of the University’s Center for the Study of Sports and Society. He clerked for federal appeals Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, served as minority counsel for the US Senate’s Committee on the Judiciary, and worked as an attorney for the Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice. He has provided expert testimony and advice on sports antitrust issues to governmental entities in both the United States and Canada, and has also consulted on sports league design for professional sports organizations in ice hockey, cricket, and motorcycle racing. Professor Ross has also served as pro bono counsel to consumer groups on antitrust and sports litigation. He has co-authored casebooks in Sports Law and Comparative Constitutional Law, has been a visiting professor at the Universities of British Columbia, Montreal, Haifa, and Sydney, and is a Senior Fellow in the Melbourne Sports Law Masters Program.

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