Webinar: Class action common funds

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18 June 2020 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Business Law and Taxation


An uncommonly good idea or not?

The Department of Business Law and Taxation and Corporate Law, Organisation and Litigation Research Group at Monash Business School invite you to a webinar on class actions and their funding models.

Class action common funds involve court orders that the entire class of claimants must meet the fees and commission of a third party litigation funder. This applies whether the litigants have entered a funding agreement with the funder or not.

Is this a good idea to prevent 'free riders' benefitting from someone else funding their litigation, or a bad idea to allow funders access to a share of claimants' damages without consent?


Michael Duffy

Dr Michael Duffy is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Business Law and Taxation who researches in the areas of corporations and ASIC law and regulation, litigation, access to justice and litigation funding, enforcement and class actions, insolvency, constitutional law and organisational theory.

This webinar will take place on Zoom.

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