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Clear Leadership

Exceptional leaders build cultures of clarity that support true collaboration and partnership at work

Develop greater awareness of your influence. Reflect on how you contribute to the 'mush' that gets in the way of interpersonal and organisational clarity. Throughout this program, you will embed the positive behaviours and practical skills of Clear Leadership, increasing your effectiveness as a leader and challenging yourself to make a developmental leap to the next level of your growth.

No other leadership course offers the opportunity for such a large step in vertical development in such a short period of time.

What you'll learn

Transforming your leadership, emotional intelligence, self-reflection and communication skills, this program will fundamentally change how you show up at work and in life.

Clear Leadership will provide you with the ability to achieve relational mastery and give you a new, unique perspective on:

  • The underlying social and psychological processes that keep you trapped in relationships that are unsatisfying and unproductive.
  • Why well-intentioned people who want to collaborate pull the rug out from underneath themselves and get in their own way.
  • The personal choices leaders and professionals have to make if they want to sustain real partnerships where everyone feels responsible for the success of a common purpose.

Clear Leadership will teach you a set of skills that will allow you to:

  • ensure the people you lead feel fully engaged in real partnership with you, enhancing all aspects of team and organisational performance
  • create an inclusive environment where everyone can learn from the team’s collective experience
  • handle difficult conversations with ease and turn conflicts into positive learning experiences
  • lead in a way that creates full engagement, real alignment around decisions, and full commitment to the team’s purpose.

Learning outcomes / themes

Throughout your learning journey, you’ll explore an integrated combination of research, tested theory and, most importantly, a unique experiential method that moves people out of their comfort zone. They learn to interact in ways they never have before and experience success in real interpersonal encounters (not role plays), making it possible to take those skills back to the job. The program focuses on the four key areas of:

Learning journey

Participants will partake in a series of interactive and experiential sessions, working with peers on issues pertinent to their leadership challenges. Each session builds on the next, culminating in the development of skills to lead conversations that increase effectiveness and collaboration in the workplace.

Clear Leadership is offered in two formats – choose the one that is right for you:

By participating in the program you will automatically gain access to the Clear Leadership Network, our exclusive community of like-minded people.


Who should attend

This program is for experienced leaders: executives, directors, managers, and anyone in a senior change-agent or consulting role looking to build strong leadership skills and collaborative relationships to get work done.

Program dates and times


2023 online dates COMING SOON. Contact to reserve your seat.


2023 online dates COMING SOON. Contact to reserve your seat.

Program fees

  • Face-to-face $4,500
  • Online $2,995
  • Monash alumni receive a 20% discount
    To access the discount code visit the Alumni portal here  

Digital badging

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be awarded a digital badge to share with your network. Find out more about digital badges.


Professor Richard Hall

Deputy Dean
Leadership & Executive Education

Meet the Deputy Dean of Leadership and Executive Education at Monash Business School. In this role, Richard provides strategic direction for our MBA programs, executive education courses and leadership programs. He’s also on the front foot when it comes to engaging with our business and other partners.

Before joining Monash, Richard was the Professor of Work and Organisational Studies, and Associate Dean for Executive Management Education at the University of Sydney.

He gained his BA (Hons) and PhD in Labour Studies from the University of Queensland, and has held a number of influential education positions throughout his career.

Over the years, Richard has built a broad area of expertise, across leadership, new technology, organisational change, future working models, organisational discourse and industrial relations. He’s the lead co-editor of Leadership Development and Practice – a four-volume reference work recently published by Sage, London.

Having worked in a number of organisations around the world, Richard has developed strong networks that extend across the corporate and government sectors.