Fostering an Innovation Culture


Fostering an Innovation Culture

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It takes more than just a vision to sustain real innovation.

Why do businesses still struggle to achieve the practices and benefits of innovation? Because despite the focus we put on it, innovation is largely driven by organisational thinking and cultures, or an understanding of how you ‘do’ innovation across all levels of the organisation. For leaders, it can be hard to cut through the noise and figure out what needs to happen to make meaningful progress part of day-to-day operations.

What you'll learn

In this program, we'll go beyond the buzzword to understand what innovation can look like right across your business, as well as the cultural shifts needed to get there. We'll unpack the frameworks and principles of practical innovation, the tools to uncover opportunities, and the steps you can take as a leader to nurture innovation at work.

You'll develop the critical skills to:

  • Understand what innovation means in modern business
  • Learn about the factors that contribute to an innovation culture
  • Assess opportunities in your own business, and what gets in the way

These skills will accelerate your ability to:

  • Explore the frameworks that contribute to effective innovation
  • Learn how to uncover innovation opportunities for your customers and your business
  • Reflect on the role you can play as a leader in fostering innovative behaviours

Learning outcomes

This four-week program brings together a fascinating mix of theory, reflection and practical application. You'll be challenged to think deeply and differently about innovation in your workplace – and learn to apply this mindset to your real workplace situations.

Learning journey

Each week, we’ll look at the different aspects of fostering innovation and an innovation culture.

Through live experience sessions, you'll engage in a mix of content delivery, guided discussions, hands-on activities, peer learning and mentoring, and reflection. A personal project gives you a chance to put your new skills and knowledge to the test.


Who should attend?

Managers and leaders who are responsible for tackling strategic challenges, driving growth, and those who want to explore the mindsets, frameworks and practical steps you can take to enable innovation behaviours to flourish in your team or organisation.

Program dates and times

  • Blended  program: 2 - 23 August  2022
    Live experience session run on Tuesday from 9.30 am - 12.30 pm. Homework and Peer group coaching session times and details confirmed upon registration.

Program fee


  • Monash alumni receive a 20% discount.

Digital badging

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Julia Birks

Program Director

With 16 years’ industry experience spanning industrial, print, digital and service design, Julia is passionate about anchoring an organisation's strategy around great customer experiences and outcomes-driven work.

Julia has delivered UX and service design projects, ranging from expert reviews, website redesigns, digital strategies, current state service mapping and future state service design. She has worked with a variety of industries, including state and federal government, finance, telecoms, education and health. She loves facilitating, and using design thinking and an iterative approach to solve complex organisational problems.

More recently, she's been helping organisations and teams to work better together by embedding principles and practices that balance customer needs with organisational viability and feasibility. Through this work, she's delivered training and capability uplift programs to some of Australia's biggest brands, and worked with leaders to create engaging, transparent, and human-centred organisational cultures that create change through iterative experimentation. She has taught design at RMIT, General Assembly, Monash University, and QUT.

Her post-graduate diploma thesis was the design of a below-the-knee prosthesis for high-performance surfing. She is passionate about mentoring young designers through their careers, and promoting more human and inclusive workplaces. She sits on the committee for the SDNow Conference in Australia, and on the Board for the Spectrum app which is seeking to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth.