Advanced Negotiation Skills

Claiming and creating value in commercial environments

Need a better deal-making toolbox?
Today’s commercial context demands that professionals have more than just the negotiation basics. All parties benefit from learning tools and techniques to identify hidden value. Suppliers and vendors especially can benefit from approaches that redress the power and information imbalance they confront in dealing with corporate and government procurement functions.

In this innovative program, we explore the range of strategic options for both claiming and creating value across diverse negotiation contexts, from competitive price negotiations to complex multi-issue, multi-party negotiations. You will also be led through the challenges and limitations for all parties of negotiation via a traditional procurement process.

Increase win-rates and profitability of your deals

Drawing from the most recent, evidence-based research and practice, the Advanced Negotiation Skills program introduces cutting-edge concepts and strategies to prepare for and implement complex negotiations, and to structure viable deals that maximise outcomes.

Not only will you learn the secrets of how great deals are done, but you will understand why and how to apply that knowledge to your unique challenges.

This highly practical and applied program will help you gain advantage during any type of negotiation and add new strategies to your deal-making toolbox.

In this two day interactive workshops you will practice, prove and apply your skills in a supportive environment.

  • Learn from acknowledged negotiation experts
  • Navigate a series of negotiation simulations to test and benchmark your skills
  • Examine case studies of how strategies play out in the real world.
  • Empower yourself with new tools to improve win rates and profitability when negotiating with procurement.
  • Workshop your current negotiation challenges and leave with an action plan for success.
  • Practice skills in a supportive, low risk environment with like-minded professionals.

Day 1 – Claiming and Creating Value in Deals – Theory and Practice

The Fundamentals of Competitive Negotiations – Strategies for Success

  • Beyond fundamentals: Taking your knowledge of the basics to the next level
  • The power of understanding negotiation structure
  • Setting ambitious goals - using targets and opening offers to your advantage
  • Presenting information to your advantage
  • Understanding solutions to common strategic mistakes
  • Evaluating your style and personal presentation
  • Making strategic choices in concession management
  • Neutralising difficult negotiators

Claiming & Creating Value in Complex, Multi-issue Negotiations

  • The power of uncovering the issue structure
  • The importance of priorities and preferences
  • Mastering the art of trading
  • Strategies to deal with complexity
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • Creating value across competitive and cooperative contexts

Day 2 - Practical Implementation

Practice Forum – Learning from Australian Cases

We will explore a range of complex negotiations in the Australian context and what we can learn from them

  • The procurement context – breaking through with the “triple pitch”
  • Mastering the art of Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers
  • Avoid common pitfalls when responding to RFP’s
  • Recognising and responding to competitive ploys
  • Dealing with probity

Participant Challenge

Live Consulting – Your Negotiation Challenges: Participants should bring a live workplace negotiation challenge to workshop during the program.

Dr Anne Lytle

Program Co-director, Affiliate, Monash Business School

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Chris Leptos, AM

Professorial Fellow, Monash Business School

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Monash Business School
Caulfield Campus
Melbourne, Australia

Program pricing

  • Standard full price: $3995.00 incl GST

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