Leadership Presence for Next Generation Executives

Harness neuro-performance. Command the room. Amplify confidence.

Learn to make a powerful first impression. Strengthen your ability to connect and empathise and communicate with impact and confidence. You will learn to decode the essential dimensions of leadership presence and understand how to embody them.

This program is designed for emerging leaders. You might be transitioning into managerial roles or have been leading people for less than 5 years. This can include business owners, entrepreneurs, middle managers and emerging leaders from the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors.

For more senior people we recommend our Executive Presence for Senior Leaders program.

Learn how to influence and manage the way that people perceive you.

Projecting a mature self-confidence, calmly handling complex situations and commanding the room are critical to effectively managing a team, as well as building your career.

In this practical, evidence-based program we will deconstruct the “X” factor and learn how you can consistently signal your leadership acumen.

From heightening your self-awareness and presenting with impact to taming your inner critic and energising your team, learn essential skills that will strengthen your professional persona.

This program will help you to embed positive behaviours that will build your effectiveness and support your leadership journey.

Face-to-face modules

Two-day interactive workshop to highlight key issues, challenges and to showcase best practice. Practice proven tools and apply skills in a supportive environment.

Individual executive coaching

Two x 30-minute phone coaching sessions where you’ll receive personalised coaching to consolidate your leadership presence and create lasting and valuable change

Drawing on insights from neuroscience, you will build self-belief, expand your ability to influence others and signal that you are leadership material. You will explore the following four primary dimensions that underpin leadership presence.


Learn to stay focused and composed.

Remaining calm as the pressure rises, conquering fears and managing distractions are traits of inspiring and adaptive leaders. Recognise and change mindsets that undermine self-belief.

Drawing on neuroscience, learn to rewire unhelpful mental patterns to significantly boost your confidence, resilience and impact. Tame the inner critic and mindfully align your self-talk with your purpose. Learn to replace distractedness with deep focus as well as other proven strategies to self-assurance and techniques that help you to radiate leadership presence.


Enhance your credibility

In the theatre of business, you need to impress as well as perform. Learn how to read the room, signal empathy and demonstrate decisiveness. Understand critical behaviours that elevate your credibility and allow you to broaden your sphere of influence. Learn how to align your behaviours with your values, purpose and goals. Understand values and emotions to motivate others and learn how to use your positive energy to motivate others.


Command the Room

Great leaders express themselves clearly and energise their audience, whether its 5 or 500 in the room. You will learn how to refine your listening skills, deliver powerful presentations. Discover strategies that will define your leadership voice and effectively convey your confidence, competence and expertise. Understand tactical communications, learn the secret of storytelling to connect with your audience and identify verbal habits that undermine your impact.


Aligning appearance and aspirations

First impressions really count. Make sure your professional image aligns with your leadership aspirations. Ensure that your visual cues positively reflect your professional persona to strengthen your leadership reputation. Understand the visual signifiers that undermine credibility and strike the right balance between looking the part and standing out while still embracing your individual style.

Sharon Longridge

Program director
Affiliate, Monash Business School

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Kristina Revenda

Affiliate, Monash Business School

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