Kristina Revenda


Kristina Revenda is an executive coach, facilitator and strategist. A communication specialist with global experience, she holds a BA Hons in Design and Media Management and is an Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership certified organisational coach.

Kristina supports individuals and teams to boost their performance, impact and wellbeing through smarter and more attuned ways of working. She is known for her strategic nous and ability to distil the complex into the simple. With her clients’ needs front-of-mind, her warmth, buoyance and candid style complement her practical, no-nonsense approach.

Kristina is an Associate and senior coach for Lever – Transfer of Learning, who awarded her ‘Coach of the Year’ in 2016 for outstanding services. More recently she was part of their select group of coach-facilitators assigned to work on the award-winning Telstra Leadership Program.