Fostering an Innovation Culture


Fostering an Innovation Culture

It takes more than just a vision to sustain real innovation.

Why do businesses still struggle to achieve the practices and benefits of innovation? Because despite the focus we put on it, innovation is largely driven by organisational thinking and cultures, or an understanding of how you ‘do’ innovation across all levels of the organisation. For leaders, it can be hard to cut through the noise and figure out what needs to happen to make meaningful progress part of day-to-day operations.

What you'll learn

In this program, we'll go beyond the buzzword to understand what innovation can look like right across your business, as well as the cultural shifts needed to get there. We'll unpack the frameworks and principles of practical innovation, the tools to uncover opportunities, and the steps you can take as a leader to nurture innovation at work.

You'll develop the critical skills to:

  • Understand what innovation means in modern business
  • Learn about the factors that contribute to an innovation culture
  • Assess opportunities in your own business, and what gets in the way

These skills will accelerate your ability to:

  • Explore the frameworks that contribute to effective innovation
  • Learn how to uncover innovation opportunities for your customers and your business
  • Reflect on the role you can play as a leader in fostering innovative behaviours

Learning outcomes

This four-week program brings together a fascinating mix of theory, reflection and practical application. You'll be challenged to think deeply and differently about innovation in your workplace – and learn to apply this mindset to your real workplace situations.

Learning journey

Each week, we’ll look at the different aspects of fostering innovation and an innovation culture.

Through live experience sessions, you'll engage in a mix of content delivery, guided discussions, hands-on activities, peer learning and mentoring, and reflection. A personal project gives you a chance to put your new skills and knowledge to the test.


Who should attend?

Managers and leaders who are responsible for tackling strategic challenges, driving growth, and those who want to explore the mindsets, frameworks and practical steps you can take to enable innovation behaviours to flourish in your team or organisation.

Program dates and times

For 2023, Fostering an Innovation Culture will be offered as a custom program, delivered on-demand for individual organisations with a minimum of 15 participants. Please contact to discuss how we can tailor this program to meet your organisation's unique skills needs.

Program fee

$2,195 per participant

  • Monash alumni receive a 20% discount
    To access the discount code visit the Alumni portal.

Digital badging

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be awarded a digital badge to share with your network. Find out more about digital badges.


Marque Kabbaz

Program Director

Marque has two decades of experience as a creative strategy and business design lead, building both brands and businesses for some of Australia's largest organisations. He's committed to redefining the way that creativity and strategy are valued as a core business processes.

He's worked with people and businesses across all sectors, from Financial Services to FMCG, CPG, Retail, Mining, Pharma, Automotive, Energy, and Government. And while he is proficient in design thinking, agile methodologies, behavioural economics, business design, and strategy, he's more interested in uncovering the core challenge, and designing the right strategy to solve for it.

He never accepts the easy way if the hard way gives better results. He's insatiably curious, and a bit of a tech geek, has a degree in Behavioural Psychology, and is relentlessly people-focussed.

He has a satirical sense of humour and loves a good single malt whiskey.