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Unlock your mental well-being

Old notions in business such as ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ and ‘It’s all about how hard I work’ are no longer relevant to today’s leaders. By studying the science of performance over the past 20 years, we’ve come to understand that self-care is a key component of success.

What you'll learn

Led by an expert facilitator, we'll look at how to make the changes necessary to increase your performance by unleashing your thriving mind. We'll explore the science of neuroplasticity, a critical factor in our success as leaders as it helps us to change unhelpful habits and thought patterns. You'll discover how taking 'microsteps' – steps too small to fail – can have a significant impact on your behaviour by creating new neural pathways.

Learning outcomes

Thrive Global’s Thriving Mind program features groundbreaking research from Stanford Medicine that shows the eight ways our brains respond to stress, known as 'biotypes'. You'll learn strategies for action by looking at proven techniques to interrupt these stress responses, enabling you to proceed with greater focus, clarity and resilience.

Participating in the session will allow you to:

  • understand the latest neuroscience behind mental well-being and identify biotypes and their associated thought patterns and emotions
  • develop the ability to recognise these biotypes in your own thought patterns and emotions
  • recognise the need to course-correct when stress becomes cumulative and unmanageable
  • identify and implement actionable recharge strategies and microsteps to reduce stress and build resilience
  • build awareness of additional resources.

Format and fees

The Thriving Mind program is delivered in two formats – choose the journey that's right for you.


Who should attend

The Thriving Mind program is ideal for anyone seeking to unlock greater mental resilience, health and productivity, and manage negative stress in their lives.

Program dates and times

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Carly Moulang

Program Lead

Carly Moulang is an Associate Professor at Monash University with over 20 years experience in Higher Education. She holds a PhD from Monash Business School and Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Monash University. Carly conducts multidisciplinary research and is passionate about incorporating psychological research within business disciplines, with particular interests in well-being, psychological capital, burnout, creativity, decision-making, whistleblowing, performance management and superannuation research.

Carly’s research has been widely disseminated via television, documentaries, podcasts, radio interviews and news articles. Her work broadly contributes towards achieving better retirement, performance and mental-health outcomes for women.