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Actuarial Studies, Analytics and Econometrics

Thanks for playing ‘Data Dynamos’ at the Monash Discovery Campus Day. You can review the questions and data sets or try again to see if you can get the right answer.


Actuarial Studies involves applying maths to evaluate risk and opportunity and analysing the likelihood of future events. As a commercial function, it’s key to financial security and helps protect companies from financial loss.

In the year 2066, what is the expected population of  Victoria (assuming 2017 trends)?

A. 8.6 million and 9.3 million

B. 5.9 million and 6.2 million

C. 20.1 million and 27.2 million

D. 10.1 million and 14.5 million

Population projection data set


Business Analytics uses maths to compile, analyse and interpret data with a focus on understanding domestic and global business data. By providing accurate estimates about costs, demands, prices, sales and more, statisticians can help businesses plan more effectively on the basis of sound predictions.

Between 1965 and 2018, which year had the highest proportion of female computer science graduates in the US?

A. 1984

B. 2018

C. 1998

D. 2008

Data set


Econometrics is all about using maths and economic theory to help explain the impact of economic policies on people and businesses. It can be used to turn theoretical economic models into useful tools for governments to set economic policy and businesses to make key economic decisions.

Who had the highest per capita CO2 emissions in 2017?

A. Australia

B. United States

C. New Zealand

D. United Kingdom

Co2 emissions data set