How to land your first dream job

Eager to land your first full-time job? Graduating with a double degree can greatly increase your chances of finding your dream job, especially in the post-pandemic competitive job market.

Some combinations of degrees can increase the success rate of landing your first job by as much as 40 percent, according to new research from Monash University. Double degrees can have the biggest impact for students in the arts and sciences.

“At Monash University, the benefits are two-fold. First you get considerable choice in what to study across the entire university so you can explore your different passions and career interests. Once you’ve chosen your subjects, you get incredible depth in two areas of expertise that complement each other and can give you a real advantage in the employment market. Those are really the two big values”, says Professor Robert Brooks, Deputy Dean Education at Monash Business School.

Popular double pairings include commerce with engineering and commerce with law.

Combining a business degree with engineering provides an expansive cross-disciplinary skill set and can lead to a broad spectrum of jobs from both an engineering perspective and a business management context. For example, diverse tech firms are driving the job market with roles such as business data analyst, software development manager, data engineer or AI manager. Having a solid technical background combined with good business acumen can also help you make the move from an operational role into a more managerial position.

“Double degree graduates definitely have an interesting narrative on why they chose the combination they did, the breadth of expertise they now have and the added value they can bring. That can be very helpful when trying to land that dream job”

The highly sought-after double degree combining commerce and law can lead to careers in management consultancy, business law, operations management, paralegal or compliance management and analysis, as well as more traditional legal roles.

78.4 per cent of graduates with a double degree in a business-related discipline paired with a second degree in social sciences were in full-time work six months after graduating according to data compiled by researchers at Monash University.

If the business degree was paired with another degree in science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subjects, the likelihood of being in full-time employment was a staggering 80.4 per cent.

Other popular pairings at Monash include the business/media communication double and the business/ fine art combination. One of the most unusual pairings is commerce and music. But for someone set on a career in the music industry, having the deep knowledge of both aspects can be crucial.

Professor Robert Brooks

“Every year we only have a single digit number of students who graduate with this double degree, but I think it’s a great opportunity for students who have this dual interest to build the right skills to be able to succeed in such a challenging industry”, says Professor Brooks.

Double degrees gaining in popularity include the commerce and big data or IT combinations, and commerce and design thinking, where students are taught by the design experts at the Monash faculty of Art, Design and Architecture.

Following COVID-19, a double degree in commerce and biomedical science provides the knowledge to work in the commercial side of this critical industry along with the technical skills needed to pursue a career in research and development as well.

Employers often see graduates with double degrees as having the ability to offer more value to the organisation and are perhaps more likely to make offers to them based on this perception.

Professor Brooks believes double degree students get a broader lens on their learning and the opportunity to develop greatly as humans.

“With a double degree, students get exposure to a broader set of curricula, as well as different pedagogies and critical thinking, which helps them develop into more creative scholars. Students genuinely get a broader set of employment choices because a double degree can lead to a career in commerce or a career in the other discipline, such as law or engineering.”

In terms of making that all important first impression, Professor Brooks believes a double degree can also help open up the conversation in an interview.

“Double degree graduates definitely have an interesting narrative on why they chose the combination they did, the breadth of expertise they now have and the added value they can bring. That can be very helpful when trying to land that dream job,” he says.

At Monash, we have Australia’s widest range of single and double degrees, majors and electives. We offer seven double degrees within Monash Business School and 20 double degrees with Monash’s other faculties, including law, engineering, arts, education, IT and science.

Find out more about the study options available, double degrees on offer, and learn more about you how you can be prepared and stand out with a Monash Business School degree.