How to upskill and stay relevant in a changing world

Job security is on the decline and unemployment on the rise. What happens to the economy and the job market in the future is out of our control.

What we do know is that we will need to be adaptable to stay attractive on the job market as it evolves. That’s why making the most of isolation and upskilling is one of the best ideas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you are currently in between jobs, looking to change direction in your career or simply improving your knowledge to be more relevant in the current work climate, a Graduate Certificate or a Graduate Diploma could be what sparks your interest again or gives you that much needed boost to advance or change your career.

"The pandemic presents us with numerous challenges both in our private lives and when working from home. But by the same token if you can set aside the hardship for a moment and think of it as a time to reflect, it can be really valuable," says Associate Professor Nell Kimberley, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) at Monash Business School.

"As a professional think about what you've done in the past and take stock of your personal development. Where would you like to be? Is it time for a career change or is that likely to be forced on you, post-COVID-19?"

"As a professional think about what you've done in the past and take stock of your personal development. Where would you like to be? Is it time for a career change or is that likely to be forced on you, post-COVID-19?

"Consider your own journey and how upskilling can get you where you would like to be.”

One aspect of the pandemic is that the digital disruption already taking place in society is accelerated.

It is estimated that the skills and tools we have now are only likely to last for a maximum of five years before they become redundant. People are working from home across a number of platforms and the future belongs to artificial intelligence, robotics and large tech companies, so how do I not get left behind?

Associate Professor Nell Kimberley

Continually learning new skills and ways of working is about ‘personal reinvention’ and the ability to recreate yourself as jobs around you change. Short bursts of further study can be just what you need to remain job ready as your career develops and evolves in a changing world.

For example, the Monash Business School Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma of Business can be undertaken full or part-time in just 6 – 12 months. They are both extremely flexible, with the potential for these courses to lead to a masters' degree, if you decide to take your study further.

If you start with a Graduate Certificate of Business, you can customise it by choosing four units of your choice, or four discipline-based units from a range of curated themes, such as international trade, marketing, risk management, corporate governance and project management.

With the eight-unit Graduate Diploma of Business, you can also specialise in a core discipline area or choose units from across the Business School. You’ll be studying master’s level subjects so you can also gain credit for units completed, if you decide to take your studies further in the future.

“We are a very large business school and have a lot of options to choose from. If you don’t quite know what you want there’s plenty of advice at hand from our dedicated course advisors. If you’ve become too comfortable or stuck in your current role, studying a Graduate Certificate or Diploma of Business will challenge you and boost your confidence," says Associate Professor Kimberley.

Not only do you add to your knowledge and skills, but you’re able to extend your network of like-minded people outside of your current workplace. And what’s more important in this time than to create new connections?”

Interested in keeping your skills sharp and your options open?

Find out how you can give your career a boost by doing a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma of Business with Monash Business School.