Law for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is shaped and governed by prevailing institutions including important aspects of the law. It is critical that when starting and growing a new venture, entrepreneurs are both aware of and compliant with local and global regulations. This unit will cover key legal requirements relevant to starting, structuring and operating a business. It is important that entrepreneurs are aware of and understand the importance of contracts and the law of agency; company law including the advantages of limited liability, duties of directors and the consequences of liquidation; other legal forms of business organisation; intellectual property including trademark as it exists to protect goodwill and prevent consumer confusion, copyright as it exists to protect content, and patent and trade secrets protection to protect innovation; as well as restrictive trade practices. The ethical and compliance aspects of all topics will be examined.

The unit offers students a broad overview of relevant aspects of the law to ensure legislative requirements are complied with and by doing so, risks to any potential business are mitigated. It will also enable founders to seek the right kind of legal advice at the right time for their business.