Associate Professor Sen Sendjaya

photo of associate professor Sen Sendjaya

As a Professor in Leadership at Monash Business School, Sen has spent the last decade helping influential leaders – at all stages of their professional careers.

Sen is recognised for creating the Servant Leadership Behaviour Scale – a psychometric measure used to inform leadership training and assessment in organisations. His work on servant leadership has had a big impact on the business world, appearing in the Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Business Research. He also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Business Ethics and the Organizational Development Journal.

His co-authored papers were selected in the OB Division Best Paper Proceeding of the 2012 US Academy of Management conference, and for the leadership stream of the Best Paper Award at the 2015 ANZ Academy of Management conference. Most recently, he wrote a Springer book entitled Personal and Organizational Excellence through Servant Leadership.

Beyond servant leadership, Sen’s specialties include authentic leadership, ethical leadership, destructive leadership and follower effectiveness. He’s been awarded nearly half a million dollars in research grants in these areas, including government grants from Australia (ARC) and China (NSFC).