Dr Luke Greenacre

Photo of Luke GreenacreDr Luke Greenacre is a lecturer in the Department of Marketing at the Monash Business School.  Luke has taught marketing courses and research methods to professionals in industry settings, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students at universities around the world.

Luke’s research focusses on the attention and perception processes of consumers, and the impact of these processes in cognition and choice. He has several projects underway in this area and is particularly interested in how people perceive pricing and discount information, and the role of attention in the moments leading up to the choice of a product.

Luke has a back ground in modelling human choice behaviour and in the use of neuroscience technology, such as eye tracking and electro-encephalography, to understand non-articulated features of consumer behaviour. 

He has previously worked for the University of South Australia (where he was also Senior Research Associate in the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science), the University of Southampton (UK), University of Technology Sydney, and the University of Sydney.