Peter FitzGerald

Peter FitzGerald is a Professor of Practice at Monash Business School. He is a Monash alumnus, having graduated with Bachelor of Business degree and a diploma in applied science (computing). He has been an Industry Fellow at Monash, and has held advisory and board positions at the School and in the Department of Management

On the MBA program, Peter is involved in the teaching of innovation and entrepreneurship, and supervises projects in strategy, commercialisation of technology and new venture start-ups.

Peter has had over thirty years’ management and leadership experience, with the majority of that time spent in executive roles. He has been General Manager, Marketing and Sales for a large national organisation, and previously spent a significant part of his career in executive positions for an international petroleum company, including leadership roles in Japan, the Middle East, the UK and Australia.

Peter is a founder and director of a consultancy firm that focuses on executive coaching of senior executives in business and academia, strategic planning and execution, and team effectiveness processes and practices.  He is also the CEO of Mothership Collective, an organisation providing mentoring and venture capital to start-ups.

Peter is a Fellow of the Williamson Community Leadership Program and of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.  He is member of the Australian Coaching Industry Research Advisory Board, and was an advisor to an ARC-funded project studying the efficacy of executive coaching. Peter is a co-author of two texts on leadership and executive coaching.