Master of Human Resource Management

There’s one thing every organisation has in common. People. And knowing how to get the best out of them – whether they’re the new intern or a senior manager – can make a huge difference to the success of any business.

In this degree, you’ll have a chance to explore contemporary HR practices in more detail, and build your own ideas about how to navigate the challenging world of people in business.

What you’ll learn

You won’t just study the latest research in the field – you’ll also explore new ideas and ways of thinking. This combined approach will better prepare you for the diversity and complexity of HR Management in contemporary business settings.

This degree could be for you if…

You want to approach your career in HR from a position of expertise. Whether you’re a recent graduate, or you’ve already started in the workplace, this degree will give you the specialist knowledge to manage a business’ most important resource – its people.

Beyond the classroom

Where it could lead

You can effectively take your pick of industries, across both public and private sectors – and internationally. As a specialist in Human Resource Management, you’ll be well suited to roles in recruitment and selection, employee development and relations, consulting, performance management, and pay and benefits.

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Application deadlines

  • Semester two (July 2018) intake
  • Semester one (February 2019) intake and all international candidate applications
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Master of Human Resource Management

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