Other Scholarships

There is no need to apply for the following scholarships. You will be considered automatically when you apply for a Monash University Graduate Research Scholarship, subject to availability. Learn how to apply for a PhD with Monash Business School here.

Four Monash-wide selections occur throughout the year. International applicants may apply for Rounds 1 and 3 and Domestic applicants may apply for Rounds 2 and 4.


Applicant Type

Applications Open

Applications Close



1 September

31 March



1 November

31 May



1 April

31 August



1 June

31 October

As with all our scholarship opportunities, eligibility criteria applies.

Remember that you should initiate the process to obtain an invitation not less than four weeks prior to the date on which you expect to submit your application

Below is a list of other scholarship opportunities available:

Please note, If you also wish to be considered for other competitive, merit-based Monash University Graduate Research Scholarship simply indicate this on your Expression of Interest form. There is no need to fill out a separate Expression of Interest for this. However note that your research proposal should align to one of the Monash Business School research themes and formatted according to information in this link.

Scholarships listed on this page have many common eligibility requirements, including the need to have first-class honours or the equivalent from your existing qualifications. These requirements are detailed on the common eligibility criteria page.