PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarships on Contemporary issues in the Asia-Pacific region

We are pleased to offer two PhD scholarships designated to improve the understanding of the following issues confronting many Asia-Pacific nations with wide-reaching impacts.

  1. Cross-border migration and skill shortages in the Asia-Pacific region and the role of government policies in shaping patterns of labour mobility and their implications for individuals, families, communities, businesses and nation states
  2. Green technology, regulation and sustainability.

We are seeking highly-qualified and enthusiastic candidates to apply for these three and a half year (full-time equivalent) scholarships.

Information about our PhD programs and admission criteria is on our research degrees page.

Applications close 31 August 2018 and both domestic and international candidates are invited to apply.

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For more information about these scholarships, please contact Professor Fang Lee Cooke, Associate Dean (Graduate Research) at