Bachelor of Business

How are brands built? What causes stock markets to soar (and slide)? Why do some businesses boom and others fail? And why are smashed avocados more expensive in Melbourne than Hobart?

If you’re intrigued by what makes markets, brands and organisations tick, a business degree could be a perfect fit.

What you'll learn

A broad range of skills, from marketing and management to accounting and finance. Everything you’ll need for a career in business.

This degree could be for you if...

You want choice and flexibility from a world-leading business school. It’s a comprehensive degree that gives you a lot of options – with 10 majors and seven double degree alternatives.

Beyond the classroom


Learn the nuts and bolts behind business. You’ll study how financial statements allow a company to report on its operations, and how accountancy helps businesses grow, through strategic, financial and operational insights.

You’ll focus on the financial transactions that go into making businesses work – and develop the practical skills to record, report and analyse this information effectively.

Depending on your electives, you may meet the accounting accreditation requirements of:

Banking and finance

Study the financial systems our economy is built on – and explore how institutions and investment houses across the world use them to shape the future. You’ll learn about money circulation, credit, investments, financing, superannuation and more. And finish your major equipped for a career that spans the globe.

Business law

Learn how national, state and international laws impact business, and how to identify and manage legal risks in different situations. You’ll study contracts, trade practices, internal relations, consumer and creditor protection, international relations, and taxation.

This major will also teach you how to identify and apply common law principles and legislation to support the business decision-making.

Business management

The right management can be the difference between a successful business, and one that struggles to stay afloat. This major gives you the skills to effectively manage private, public and not-for-profit organisations in any industry – covering key areas such as communication, organisational change, business strategy and new technology.

Business statistics

Understanding business statistics is the key to unlocking meaning in a world full of information - from population censuses and opinion polls, to sales and demand data.

As part of this major, you’ll work with the latest computer-based statistical models, learn to apply statistical modelling and forecasting techniques in a business context, and explore how to get the most out of different types of data.

Economics and business strategy

In economics, we analyse how people and societies choose to use their resources – making it a hugely valuable area of study for any business. You’ll explore the principles at the heart of our economy, and how to use them to make important insights in business strategy, development and management.

Human resource management

A business is only as good as the workforce behind it. With the right people-focused strategies, you can help organisations achieve higher business performance, while creating a great working culture. You’ll learn about employment law, industrial relations, workforce planning and HR strategy, and gain the tools to help people – and organisations – realise their potential.

International business

The implications of a global business landscape extend much further than connecting with international consumers. An international business major will give you an insight into international supply chains, multicultural workforces, legal and government frameworks, global economies and the ethical implications of operating in international environments.


Marketing is all about creating and communicating value – and can be the making (or breaking) of an organisation. With a good understanding of the complexities that go into successful marketing, this major will give you the know-how to help businesses build brands, connect with consumers and stand out in crowded markets.


Understanding the complexities of different taxation systems is a key business skill. This major covers the legal, commercial and economic impacts of business taxation, and will prepare you to offer insights that can help organisations make sound business decisions. You’ll learn about current taxation concepts, and how to work with taxation systems in Australia, China and beyond.

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  • 6 years (part-time)

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  • First Semester (February)

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Bachelor of Business

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Our graduates go on to work in management, consulting, accounting, economics, marketing, taxation and international business, in organisations of all different sizes in all sorts of industries. With a degree from a world-renowned business school, you’ll be employable across the globe.

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Bachelor of Business

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