Monash Business School gives you the opportunity to graduate with an internationally-recognised qualification across a wide range of exciting study areas.

As one of the largest business schools in Australia we offer more degrees, more units and more co-curricular opportunities than just about anywhere else. You can choose from a single or double degree, keep your options open with one of our comprehensive degrees, or specialise from day one with a specialist degree.

What is a comprehensive degree?

These degrees are a great choice if you're not sure what you want to do as you get a taste of a range of different areas before you have to decide on a major. They give you a broad business or commerce base, and provide you with more freedom to tailor your degree based on your interests as they develop.

What is a specialist degree?

Our specialist degrees are a good option if you are already sure you know what you want to study, or if you have a specific career goal in your sights. These courses are designed to ensure you have the right combination of skills needed for your professional field.

Double degrees

View our full list of comprehensive and specialist double degrees.

Not sure which degree is best for you?

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