International Business

International business is a fundamental part of what keeps businesses running smoothly around the world, in ways we often take for granted. Today businesses are facing a new generation of opportunities as a result of rapid globalisation. Learn the intricacies of doing business in different countries and environments - and the foundations you need for a new global career.

Here, thinking bigger is just part of thinking about business. You will be challenged to understand the global forces that shape markets and trade around the world. Once you have the skills, you’ll be an asset to any organisation that wants to work smarter in today’s world.

Fast track your degree

A little different from our other course options, the Bachelor of International Business offers the opportunity accelerate your degree by taking units over summer. With summer semesters you can manage your degree from year one and complete your degree up to a year earlier.

Ways to study International Business

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Zac Ticehurst

Zac shares the benefits of studying with Monash Business School and tips on how to get the most out of your degree.