Where do I start?

Studying at Monash Business School comes with a wide range of choice, so take a moment to consider what is right for you. Here are some pointers as a guide:

Are you a people or a numbers person?

This is a good way to start thinking about whether to take a commerce or business path. Business offers practical learning, as you'll develop a deep insight into how organisations work across all business functions. As a general rule, business also has a stronger focus on people-based topics such as marketing, management, business law and HR.

Commerce is more analytical and conceptual, with a bigger emphasis on quantitative and mathematical topics such as business analytics, econometrics, marketing science and actuarial science. Once you've built this specialised knowledge, you'll be able to use data to solve problems and find solutions in commercial contexts.

How much maths have you done?

The level of maths you've completed (or will complete) in Year 12 will determine some of the options available to you:


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