Monash Global Executive MBA Sponsorships for BioMelbourne Network Members

Register now for the Global Executive MBA Information Webinar for BioMelbourne Network members at 12.00pm on Monday 23 May, or an Information Session which will be held at 6.00pm at Caulfield on Thursday 26 May.

Robert Shepherd PhD, Research & Development Director, Dimerix Bioscience

"Since I was first able to reach for the bottles of sauces under our kitchen counter, I have been conducting experiments to see what happens when you mix things together."

This was Robert Shepherd’s opening line in describing his career when discussing the Global Executive MBA program at Monash Business School. "I am now R&D Director at a publicly-traded biotech firm, but that passion for discovery remains an elemental part of my life", he explained.

The recipient of the 2020 Monash Global Executive Sponsorship for BioMelbourne Network, Rob successfully graduated from the intensive part-time program – and enjoyed the experience enormously.

"I found the opportunity to discuss complex, real-world commercial and organisational issues with a cohort of smart and ambitious classmates from a wide range of industries to be an amazing boost to my development as a manager", he says.

The Monash GEMBA program is a 15-month intensive program designed for managers of diverse backgrounds with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in any sector. Participants have a track record of achievement in their fields, and are ready to challenge for more senior positions with greater executive responsibilities.

"The Monash program is a genuine executive-level experience; it has enabled me to progress really rapidly in an intensive burst," says Robert; "Although we were unable to travel overseas, we have been working virtually with outstanding professors from our international business school partners".

The Monash GEMBA program involves study with the leading business schools in Europe, Asia and North America: INSEAD, China-Europe International Business School, and NYU Stern School of Business.

Professor Patrick Butler, Director GEMBA, emphasised the applied strategy projects that are central to the program’s learning experience: "At this level, ambitious professionals learn best in a practice-based environment. We undertake strategy consulting projects with our business partners in advanced manufacturing, life sciences and digital transformation; this kind of direct involvement has a profound impact on executive capability and presence".