The Global Executive MBA is a fifteen-month course that is completed in four trimesters. The program comprises four modules, each focusing on a theme: Foundation, Globalisation, Innovation and Transformation.

Each module features a one-week residential unit plus a unit spread over blocks of intensive days at three-week intervals.

The Foundation Module provides the academic and practice base for the program. The first unit consists of Global Political Economy and Business Models & Strategy.

Then, four component topics are completed in the next unit: Executive Leadership I: Leadership Mindset, Design Thinking, Strategic Marketing and Business Analytics. These units are presented in an integrated pedagogy, and also combine to set up the international business project to be undertaken in a European market in the following module.

Details of the module topics are available here:

  • MBA5221 Global executive MBA foundation I
  • MBA5222 Global executive MBA foundation II

The Globalisation Module begins in Europe with a one-week immersive study of Global Business Strategy at a leading European business school, and a consulting project for an Australian company in a European market.

The subsequent unit based in Melbourne comprises Executive Leadership II: Global Mindset, Sustainable Strategy in the 21st Century, Global Logistics & Operations and Financial Accounting. The globalisation theme of the module integrates the material, develops earlier studies and international project experiences, and also contributes to setting up the content and project for the following Asian module.

Details of the module topics are available here:

  • MBA5223 Global executive MBA globalisation I
  • MBA5224 Global executive MBA globalisation II

The Innovation Module commences with a one-week intensive unit in China, based at a leading partner business school. China Business Strategy provides a deep immersion in business culture, strategy and practice in China, and involves intensive class-based work, an international business consulting project and direct engagement with businesses leaders in the location.

In the second unit of the Innovation Module, the class address Executive Leadership III: Innovation Mindset, Corporate Finance, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation of Technology.

Details of the module topics are available here:

  • MBA5225 Global executive MBA innovation I
  • MBA5226 Global executive MBA innovation II

​The Transformation Module builds on earlier studies and consolidates the program learning and experiences to develop transformative executive capability for a complex global environment. In the international unit based in a leading American business school, Digital Transformation is the core topic, and the applied transformation projects and engagement with innovative high-tech organisations exemplify the purpose and the approach.

Subsequently, the Executive Leadership IV: Transformation Mindset topic supports the module theme of leading business transformation. Corporate Governance deals with the legal, regulatory and board-level issues facing executives in organisations. The Executive Masterclass seminars and workshops provide critical opportunities to customise the program: expert faculty and leading practitioners co-create content with participants that reflects the developmental and experiential priorities of the class.

In the final module Executive Leadership IV: Transformation Mindset, Corporate Governance, Executive Masterclass and Corporate Strategy provide the capstone to consolidate the entire program.

Details of the module topics are available here:

  • MBA5227 Global executive MBA transformation I
  • MBA5228 Global executive MBA transformation II

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