Global Executive MBA participants will undertake consulting projects for Australian businesses in leading-edge technology sectors in the international marketplaces. In Europe, these will be in the area of advanced manufacturing; in Asia the emphasis will be on life sciences; in the USA the focus will be on digital innovation and transformation.

Global Business Projects

The manufacturing sector drives critical R&D and innovation. In multiple sectors in the Australian economy, materials science, bioengineering, nanotechnology and medical devices provide the institutional foundation for learning and capability development in science and engineering. Sponsored by innovative Australian businesses exploring integrated, collaborative and export-focused opportunities, Monash Global Executive MBA students undertake market research consulting projects in advanced manufacturing in European markets.

Global Executive MBA Projects in Advanced Manufacturing

International Business Module I: Europe Industry 4.0 at RWTH University Aachen Germany

The biotechnology sector in Australia is the largest in the world relative to GDP. In terms of research publications in life sciences, Australia is in the global top 10; Melbourne has more than 20,000 life science researchers in its hospital, universities and research institutes. Advances in biotech, pharma, medical engineering and gene therapy underpin the new growth theory that can create entirely new products and industries. Exploring opportunities in China on behalf of Australian life science businesses is a key dimension of the Global Executive MBA Innovation Module.

GEMBA Students Blog of the Life Science project in China

by Roksan Libinaki and Michelle Gallaher.

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As a critical element of modern business strategy, digital transformation reshapes every aspect of the organisation. Involving such phenomena as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, big data, blockchain and AI, digital strategy goes beyond technology; it requires executive leadership to drive cultural, structural and behavioural change. Monash Global Executive MBA students consult with leading digital companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in North America to research and deliver strategy reports to Australian sponsors.

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