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16th International Conference on Business Management (ICBM)

12-14 December 2019

Monash University
Melbourne, Australia


Monash Business School, in partnership with the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ), and the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) will hold the 16th International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) in December, 2019 at Monash University (Caulfield campus) in Australia. The theme of the conference is Transforming knowledge into action: Towards sustainable development in emerging economies’.

Knowledge is undoubtedly a critical force in economic development. Knowledge is all the more important today as we live in an increasingly knowledge-rich world where new ideas, new modes of thinking and new discoveries push the boundaries of our understanding on a daily basis. Yet knowledge by itself adds little value to development efforts. The emphasis is on transforming knowledge into action so that novel projects are implemented, products and services are created, and tangible outcomes achieved. To do so, new knowledge must be created as well as existing knowledge be disseminated and shared. This knowledge must then be transformed into relevant action. Thus, to drive economic growth and competitiveness, countries must not only promote reliable and useful knowledge creation and assimilation but also harness and transform this knowledge effectively into policy and practices. United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasise creating shared prosperity across countries by ending extreme poverty and achieving sustainable development. We believe that the creation of knowledge and effective transformation of knowledge into action are essential antecedents for achieving SDGs.

Yet many countries in the world still struggle to harness the power of knowledge for achieving sustainable development. Emerging economies in particular with their weak institutions and low resource base, often lag behind in relevant and useful knowledge production as well as in transforming such knowledge into wealth and development. This conference aims to explore the many pathways that enable emerging countries to transform knowledge into action to achieve economic and sustainable development. We take a holistic approach to ‘transforming knowledge’ that goes beyond the mere ‘application of knowledge’ i.e., knowledge created in one context applied as it is to another context. Instead our definition of transformation includes the assimilation, adaptation, and contextualization of knowledge to suit the unique contexts, needs and conditions existing in emerging countries.