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Our alumni community

Our alumni are trailblazers and thought-leaders, making an impact around the world.

The issue of inclusion

Div Pillay

"Monash Business School was really pivotal in my personal, professional and entrepreneurial development – it gave me opportunity and choice, which I took and maximised.

"I completed a Master of Human Resource Management (Strategic Human Resource Management) at Monash Business School in 2013.

"I started the social enterprise, MindTribes, because I felt that there really wasn’t a level of inclusion in Australia that was going to take business and people to the next level.

"MindTribes works with Australian and multinational organisations and government to improve business results by developing cultural competency.

"The practice of cultural inclusion today is so important because we know from various studies that the Australian economy loses about $75 billion annually from excluding diverse customers.

"Some of our biggest issues that we are facing now actually can be answered by the diversity of talent that sits in this country.

"Corporate firms lose out on potentially 35 per cent of improved financial performance when they don’t have ethnicity represented and included across the business and in senior leadership.

"But leaders need to not just have a tokenistic recruitment of a first person of colour but to really include and accept that person in what they have to bring to the organisation.

"I was absolutely delighted to receive the 2019 Monash Business School Alumni Excellence Award, with the opportunity to deliver a keynote speech at the Celebrating Excellence Awards gala dinner.

"The time I carved out to study from raising a young family was precious and was really ‘me’ time, I savoured it. The headspace allowed me to start two start-ups that failed but provided valuable learning experiences that we have used in our business."

Opportunities to learn and grow

Mangala Prasetia

"Studying economics shaped the way I think about complex business problems and how I go about solving them.

"My interest in economics came from my passion for policy-making and how to use business as a vehicle to maximise social wellbeing.

"A double degree in Commerce and Economics allowed me to keep my options open and broadened my horizons by giving me an opportunity to address issues, applicable to a range of industries, from a macro and micro perspective.

"At Monash Business School, I was heavily involved in volunteering and held various leadership positions in student professional societies, as well as being a Monash University Student Ambassador.

"Now in my role as assurance and advisory consultant at ShineWing Australia – a growing consulting firm with an international reputation – I have hands-on opportunities to learn and grow.

"No day is ever the same – my current role involves travelling to various client sites and interviewing all kinds of personalities across a range of industries."

I never imagined the doors that would open


"Studying Economics and Law at Monash Business School led me to a career covering investment banking, commercial law, sports marketing at the National Basketball Association and now running a social purpose agency focused on driving greater inclusion for people with disabilities, Wallara Australia.

"Wallara is a leading provider of disability supports to adults in south-eastern Melbourne and we hope to drive social change in our community to empower people with different abilities.

"Monash Business School has taught me how to think critically, build relationships and be curious about the world.

"I grew up in a small country town in NSW. I never imagined my Monash courses would open doors to the places I have worked over my career. Last year I was named by global accreditation agency, AACSB as one of its 2019 Class of Influential Leaders. Monash Business School is AACSB-accredited, which is the mark of global educational excellence.

"Realise the privilege you have to attend university and have this life changing experience and the responsibility that brings to help make a better world."

The foundation for my career


"I have spent nearly five years at the helm of Ovarian Cancer Australia and as a Director of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition for three years.

"The bulk of my career has been spent in the not-for-profit sector. It is an exciting space to be in – our organisation is growing significantly, as is the awareness of this type of cancer.

"Community service is in my DNA. From an early age my parents impressed on me the importance of service to others. My mother died from cancer some years back so the opportunity to work for Ovarian Cancer Australia is dear to my heart. I dedicate my work to my mother.

"While momentum is building and our organisation is growing, we are at the point where breast cancer awareness was around 15 years ago. If we look at the resources now available for breast cancer, that is where we want to be for ovarian cancer.

"I did an MBA at Monash Business School to make me a more confident and well-rounded leader. Completing an MBA taught me not ‘what to think’ but rather ‘how to think’ and has really improved my decision-making skills.

"During the degree, I learnt so many skills across human resources, planning, marketing and finance. It really set me up to run organisations and even now I use the skills I gained during my MBA every day.

"Any challenge I’ve been confronted with professionally, I have found I’ve been able to refer to what I learnt during the degree. It’s really been a foundation for my career."