Graduate research students and projects

The Department of Marketing is proud of the contribution our graduate research degree students make to the discipline.

Current research supervision in Marketing

Name Title of thesisSupervisor
Mr Eslam Afifi Sustainable marketing in indigeneous tourism in Australia

Felix Mavondo
Haywantee Ramkissoon*

Ms Jacqueline Baker The role of spatial and visual representations in the procurement of property

Harmen Oppewal
Jan Brace-Govan

Mr Stephen Beddoe The entrepreneurial 'change-in-mindset' of direct sellers in India & Australia – a comparative study Felix Mavondo Srinivas Sridharan
Mr Ian Coughlan Motivations for the purchase of breeding stock: The beef cattle industry in Australia

Felix Mavondo
Erica Brady

Mr Vlad Demsar Disposal of material possessions and sustainability in marketing

Jan Brace-Govan
Sean Sands

Ms Yangyang Jiang  Empirical research on the motivation, value perception and place attachment of Chinese tourists

Felix Mavondo
Haywantee Ramikissoon*

Ms Marcia Kwaramba Antecedents and consequences of the market participation of smallholder farmers: An empirical examination of agricultural marketing systems in a developing economy

Srinivas Sridharan
Felix Mavondo

Ms Sophie Lindsay Understanding alcohol related play in virtual consumer tribes 

Colin Jevons
Jan Brace-Govan

Mrs Aysha Mohammed Yasser Arafat Exploring consumer attitude towards green products: the roles of collectivism and product benefits

Hean Tat Keh
Pingping Qiu

Mr Jason Pallant  The influence of marketing communication on consumer path-to-purchase for both online and offline purchases

Peter Danaher
Tracey Dagger
Sean Sands

Ms Rebecca Rees

Effect of category management practices, relational governance and resource deployment on category performance in FMCG retailing: A moderated mediated study

Felix Mavondo
Satheesh Seenivasan
Margaret Matanda*
Erica Brady

Ms Paulette Rouliez Unsusceptible or immune? The effects of online consumer reviews message framing on intensity of negative word of mouth after service failures 

Dewi Tojib
Yelena Tsarenko

Ms Semi Sedighadeli The effect of High Performance Work Systems (HPWSs) on new service development process in aged care

Felix Mavondo
Fang Cooke

Mrs Amanda Seefeld Mothering in the 21st Century. An examination of social and policy trends for social marketing

Jan Brace-Govan
Christina Lee

Mr Seyed Shahin Sharifi Are your recovery efforts effective? The moderating role of customer type

Mauricio Palmeira
Junzhao Ma

Ms Lois Shedd E-Reading Nostalgia: Reading practices and the digitised backlist

Colin Jevons
Jan Brace-Govan

Ms Li Yan The effects of social class on sustainable behaviour intentions Hean Tat Keh
Jiemiao Chen